Queer Tarot

What is Queer Tarot

Telling the stories of Queer people through Tarot cards.  Looking at the cards from a queer perspective, with the base interpretations of the traditional tarot, but removing the filter of specific gender, or cis white representation to make the tarot stories inclusive and diverse.

Because tarot is such a visual medium, it is vital to be inclusive of all genders, orientations, nationalities and ages.  This project aims to bring tarot cards and it’s stories to life for the LGBTIQA community.

Tarot is often seen as this very hippy or “woo woo” thing, even perceived as a fortune telling tool.  While this is not untrue, Queer Tarot Card project is here to make tarot accessible and relatable to every

The Project

Artist Flossy Roxx
Date May 2017 – Current
Medium Photography, Illustration, Video
Other www.createmagick.com

Tarot History

Tarot was originally designed as a card game and later evolved into what it is today. It serves many purposes and some use it to tell stories about human nature and its expressions. French occultist Jean-Baptiste Alliette (1738 – 1791) said it was merely a way to share the story of a person’s life – and probably pass on lessons, or knowledge from generation to generation. (Like old-wives-tales)
In recent times, tarot is increasingly being used as a tool to connect with yourself, both consciously and subconsciously. There are many different aspect of tarot that is used to make this connection:

  • symbols and their association,
  • the person reading the tarot cards,
  • the recipient of the reading,
  • the interpretations of the symbols by those involved, and
  • the creative expression of the tarot artist/illustrator

It is important to note that all these aspects are just as important as each other.

Want to be photographed and tell your story?

Important things to consider about any tarot cards:

Worrying about correct interpretation or memorising meanings stops many people from picking up a deck and benefiting.
Fear and overwhelm is a common reaction when first interacting with tarot.

No knowledge of tarot is needed to start developing a relationship with tarot, especially Queer Tarot Cards.
Anyone can start to use and have their intuition stimulated as they personally relate to the images on the cards.

Every tarot instruction book has a different take on tarot meaning and interpretation.
You don’t need to subscribe to a particular school of thought in order to gain benefit.

The popular belief that one must be gifted a deck of tarot cards is a myth.
If everyone waited for someone to buy them a deck, no one would have one yet!


Getting a deck is a personal choice.
Being able to relate to the decks imagery is by far the most important factor in choosing a tarot deck.


There isn’t any definitive approach to tarot. Initial ignorance can serve to one’s advantage.
Early intrigue can evolve into a lifelong interest and passion.

Tarot Card Phone Apps

Tarot Apps make learning Tarot wonderfully easy, and include card of the day and card spreads so you can look up a meaning on the go.  If you wish to participate and don’t have a Tarot Deck on hand, download one of these apps and browse a card that resonates with you.

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