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I want to receive emails about the Queer Tarot Cards Exhibition dates, future Documentary screenings and other project updates as new cards are shot.

Release Form

Write your signature, take a picture and upload to sign this form electronically. All your information will be securely stored, is confidential and required for legal purposes.  Thank you so much xx

Acknowledge that I am over 18 years of age, in full legal capacity to sign this form, and agree to the following terms:

i) I agree to grant Florence Rockwell, their heirs and persons acting on their behalf the irrevocable, worldwide and unrestricted, right to use for whatever purpose (barring defamatory or pornography), re-use, alter or modify, publish, republish and copyright my image/photograph; including the negatives, transparencies, prints, digital files or other information pertaining to them in all forms of media and in all manners including electronic media in all formats.

ii) I agree to give credit to photographer Florence Rockwell as author of my images.

iii) I agree to give credit to other models found within my photographs taken by Florence Rockwell.

iv) I agree that the shoot was conducted in a professional manner

v) I agree my own safety is my own responsibility throughout the duration of the photo shoot.

Thank you again so much for being part of this project, I can’t wait to share more with you as I create the whole deck of cards. I couldn’t do this with out all of your support and encouragement.  xxxx


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This newsletter list means I will email you twice a month-ish as I create the new Tarot Cards.  Thank you for following this project as we create a Queer Tarot Deck together! Your support and encouragement makes this happen.  Behind the scenes of the Tarot Cards, and the odd pen-pal letter to thank you for being awesome.

Thanks for supporting the Queer Tarot Project

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