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NOTE:  This is designed as a guide only, and you are welcome to add your open interpretation to a card.

Crimson cards have been shot/ created already, and Green labeled cards are still available.  I’ve used the traditional names for the Court Cards here, however I aim to re-name them in discussion with the person in the card, finding one that best resonates with them.

Cups Suit – Click to expand each

Green – Available
Crimson – Cards already created

Ace of Cups - 2 Shoots completed

Ace of Cups – New feelings or love, NRE, emotional fulfilment, joy, imagination

2 of Cups - 1 Shoot completed

2 of Cups – Equal partnerships, mutual respect, compatibility, connection, love of all kinds

3 of Cups - 1 Shoot Completed

3 of Cups – Celebration, fun with friends, support, laughter, rituals

4 of Cups - 2 Shoots completed

4 of Cups – Boredom, dissatisfaction, withdrawing, introverted

5 of Cups - 1 Shoot completed

5 of Cups – Loss, grief, suffering, disappointment, risking loss for fulfilment

6 of Cups - 2 Shoots Completed

6 of Cups – Sentimentality, lessons from childhood or your inner child, kindness, memories

7 of Cups - Available

7 of Cups – Creative brainstorming or visualisation, altered states, illusion, fantasy worlds

8 of Cups - 1 Shoot completed

8 of Cups – Spirit Quests, holding or making emotional space, moving on, travel

9 of Cups - 1 Shoot completed

9 of Cups – Manifestation, indulgence, self-satisfaction, hosting, contentment

10 of Cups - 1 Shoot completed

10 of Cups – Emotional bliss, happy home or family, shared love, peace

Page of Cups - 1 Shoot Completed

Page of Cups – Romantic, kind or sensitive, learning artistic skill, love letters, imaginative

Knight of Cups - 2 Shoots completed

Knight of Cups – Flirt, dreamer, following one’s heart, spiritual seeker, artist, introspective

Queen of Cups - 2 Shoots completed

Queen of Cups – Psychic or empathic, counselor, insightful, introspective

King of Cups - 1 Shoot Completed

King of Cups – Diplomatic, healer, emotionally mature, calm, supportive, guide

Wands Suit – Click to expand each

Green – Available
Crimson – Cards already created

Ace of Wands - 1 Shoots completed

Ace of Wands – Creativity, inspiration, creative spark, sexuality, self

2 of Wands - 1 Shoot completed

2 of Wands – Determination, assessing ones life direction, planning, will power

3 of Wands - 1 Shot Completed

3 of Wands – Celebration, fun with friends, support, laughter, rituals

4 of Wands - 1 Shoot completed, 1 shoot planned

4 of Wands – Results, rewards, celebration, teamwork, home

5 of Wands - Available

5 of Wands – Competition, brainstorming, conflict, problem solving

6 of Wands - 1 Shoot Completed

6 of Wands – Self confidence, rising up, achievement, role model

7 of Wands - Available

7 of Wands – Defending what matters, courage against all odds, standing up for yourself

8 of Wands - Available

8 of Wands – Progress, energy, air travel, new change, action

9 of Wands - Available

9 of Wands  – Inner strength, stamina, perseverance, wisdom through experience, not a victim

10 of Wands - Available

10 of Wands – The hard road, stress, too many responsibilities, delegation

Page of Wands - 1 Shoot completed

Page of Wands – Adventurous, newly inspired, new identity or idea, free spirit, visionary

Knight of Wands - 1 Shoot completed

Knight of Wands – An adventurous risk taker who follows his passions, travel experimental

Queen of Wands - 2 Shoots completed

Queen of Wands – Self confidant, independent, sexy and impulsive, optimistic

King of Wands - 1 shoot completed

King of Wands – Authentic, leader, passionate, influential, sexual and open minded

Swords Suit – Click to expand each

Green – Available
Crimson – Cards already created

Ace of Swords - 1 Shoot completed

Ace of Swords – A fresh start, truth, realisation, mental clarity, communication

2 of Swords - 1 Shoot completed

2 of Swords– Indecision, impartial mediator, blocked vision, standstill

3 of Swords - 1 Shoot completed

3 of Swords – Heartbreak, betrayal, necessary sacrifice, loss

4 of Swords - Available

4 of Swords – Stillness or meditation, mental rest, retreat, incubating ideas

5 of Swords - Available

5 of Swords – Self destruction, mind games, feeling attacked, debates

6 of Swords - 1 Shoot completed

6 of Swords – Transition, travel, accepting help, hope, mental healing, psychological distance

7 of Swords - 1 Shoot completed

7 of Swords – Strategy, mental tests, detective work, secrecy, self interest

8 of Swords - 1 Shoot completed

8 of Swords – Limiting beliefs, inner critic, trapped, victim mentality

9 of Swords - Available

9 of Swords – Overactive mind, anxiety, repressed thoughts, night mares

10 of Swords - 3 Shoots In Progress

10 of Swords – Closure, self sabotage, rock bottom, felling sorry for yourself

Page of Swords - Available

Page of Swords – Thoughtful, curious, intellection, writer, student, honesty, insight

Knight of Swords - 1 Shoot completed

Knight of Swords – Revolutionary, philosophical, explorer, determined, rushing

Queen of Swords - 1 Shoot Completed

Queen of Swords – Intelligent, independent, communicative, cuts through B.S., self aware, teacher


King of Swords - 1 Shoot Completed

King of Swords – Fair, just, analytical, assertive, emotionally distant, intelligent

Pentacles Suit – Click to expand each

Green – Available
Crimson – Cards already created

Ace of Pentacles - 1 Shoot completed

Ace of Pentacles – Opportunity, healthy beginnings, investing or planting seeds, grounded

2 of Pentacles - 1 Shoot completed

2 of Pentacles – Adaptability, multitasking, change, play

3 of Pentacles - Available

3 of Pentacles – Contribution, ethical employment, enjoying one’s work, mentors, teamwork

4 of Pentacles - Available

4 of Pentacles – Cautious, stable, protecting resources, saving, boundaries

5 of Pentacles - 1 Shoot completed

5 of Pentacles – Lack of stability, health problems, feeling like an outsider, reaching out to supportive friends

6 of Pentacles - 1 Shoot completed

6 of Pentacles – Generosity, charity, accepting and giving back to the community

7 of Pentacles - Available

7 of Pentacles – Patience, trial and error, feedback, editing, contemplation, reward

8 of Pentacles - Available

8 of Pentacles – Hard work, commitment, laying the groundwork, craftsmanship, skills

9 of Pentacles - Available

9 of Pentacles – Fruits of labour, self-sufficiency, happy, healthy home, discipline

10 of Pentacles - 1 Shoot Completed

10 of Pentacles – Legacy, ancestors, fulfilment, strong business relationships

Page of Pentacles - Available

Page of Pentacles – Student, responsible, new job, studies or project, kind, cautious

Knight of Pentacles - 1 Shoot Completed

Knight of Pentacles – Loyal, dependable, hard working, attention to detail

Queen of Pentacles - 2 Shoots in Progress

Queen of Pentacles – Ecologically focused, healthy, resourceful, protective of community and environment

King of Pentacles - 1 Shoot Planned

King of Pentacles – Entrepreneurial, steady, manager or owner of resources, enjoys comfort

Major Arcana – All Shoots Completed

0 The Fool – New beginnings, optimism, adventure

1 The Magician – Action, the power to manifest, source, true self

2 The High Priestess – Intuitive, unconscious, inner voice

3 The Empress – Abundance, power of self, nature, accomplishment action

4 The Emperor – Structure, rules and power play, boundaries & consent

5 The Hierophant – Teachers, guide or mentors in tradition, rules of nature or communities

6 The Lovers – Sexuality, passion, self love, team work, trust

7 The Chariot – Movement, progress, perseverance through adversity, decision making

8 Strength – Courage, self belief, inner strength, bravery

9 The Hermit – Meditation, solitude, self awareness, inner guidance, emotional intelligence

10 Wheel of Fortune – Cycles of life and nature, change, destiny, taking action to finding belonging

11 Justice – Fairness, equal rights, activism, balanced with self care

12 The Hanged Man – Suspension, living in limbo, new perspective, letting go

13 Death – The end of cycle, change, the impermanence of all things

14 Temperance – Balancing inner and outer worlds, moderation, creativity with confidence

15 The Devil – Destructive patterns, addiction, vices, BDSM, cheeky playfulness, kink

16 The Tower – Chaos, change, questioning the truth or perceived truth, sudden insight

17 The Star – Hope, queer astrology, spiritual practices, optimism

18 The Moon – Mystery, dreams, the shadow self, intuition

19 The Sun – Success, happiness, self acceptance and growth, innocent joy

20 Judgment – Rite of passage, inner calling, holding accountable, awakening purpose

21 The World – Completion of a cycle or transition, wholeness, celebration of life, travel and earth

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