Removing Gender from Queer Tarot

Taking Gender out of Tarot

Using ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ when they are specifically using it as shorthand for ‘passive’ ‘active’ or ‘nurturing’ ‘stern’ Say what you mean instead of gendering it.  Nurturing, passive ‘yin’ characteristics aren’t in all feminine people.   Stern /active ‘yang’ characteristics aren’t in all masculine people.

Queering The Lovers Queer Tarot Cards The Lovers 6. version 2 Major Arcana

Queering the Lovers – 6. v2 Miss Jin Please for Queer Tarot Cards

I chose the Lovers because it represents unity more specifically the unity in myself. When I was younger I used to shun the feminine side. It took meeting allot of people that showed me there’s no shame. Taking on drag is something that allowed me to express my femininity and love who I am.

Queering the Death Tarot Card version 2

Queering The Death Card Version 2

Thank you so much to the amazing Anno Domini Home warehouse  full of gothic and darker historical art pieces.  This gothic interpretation of the Death card, embracing the majestic fascination with death, impermanence, and the passing of time.  Featuring real vintage...
Queer Tarot for the Queer Community

Tarot cards for the Queer community

A beautiful video supporting the Queer Tarot Project and how it gives a platform to all types of Queer Voices to tell their stories and be heard. To have people like us visible when talk about guides, mentors or spirituality.

Queer Tarot Cards The Devil version 3 Queer Tarot the Devil Card v3

Queering the Devil- 15: Version 3

Queering the Devil tarot Card- Raven: “I chose the Devil, because it represents my wild self, my world, my wilderness, my primal instinctive nature that knows no limitations no restrictions. I picked it to celebrate myself, to reclaim my physicality as something sacred.” This beautiful card was shot in New Zealand, in Wellington up in the bush, and as part of the shoot we created a ritual celebration to celebrate the Devilishness in us.

Queer Tarot Cards The Star Queer Tarot the Star card

The Star – 17

Bringing a wonderful sense of vulnerability, glitter and radiance that the star brings to us and the night / dark spaces in our lives. “This too shall pass” sharing her wonderful energy of hope – Thanks so much for sharing your story Marnie.

Queer Tarot Cards The World Queer Tarot the World Card

Queering the World Tarot Card

Queering the World Tarot Card: Don’t be afraid, fear not, you’re going to go through hell. But you have an inner strength, and inner femininity that keeps you going. That dream of womanhood.”  Sometimes womanhood isn’t what you’re born with, it’s something that you earn, you have to work to.  The World as a card of vulnerability, openness and nudity, and freedom of expression. I’d say “You have so much traveling to do, so much adapting to do, you have so much to work for.  To unveil yourself and show the world your true colours”

Queering Tarot Cards The 3 of Wands Queer Tarot the Three of wands

Queering the 3 of Wands

That’s the 3 of Wands, it’s when your planning is done and is enough, and you have this future ahead of you. I think there is a strong and meaningful interaction between the Queer Community and the witchy, spiritually, semi occult community. I think it is resistance to the orthodox and a counter culture.

Queering The World Queer Tarot Cards The World2

Queering The World Tarot Card version 2

What is home? And how do we define it.  This interview started me thinking about the end, beginning and completion of cycles, travel and the passing of time, and truely came into my life right at the time I was thinking of going on the road too and moving overseas to Canada. I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned through these Queer Tarot Cards.

Queer Tarot Cards The Empress Queer Tarot the Empress (1)

Queer Tarot: The Empress – 3

Embracing the strength in sensuality, your power. “Don’t sacrifice who you are, or who you want to be for anyone else’s comfort.” Thank you to the beautiful Roxy for shooting this with me on a whirlwind trip to Melbourne.  Shot inside the Conservatory in the Fitzroy gardens minutes before they closed and kicked everyone out.

Queering the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card version 2 Fortuna

Queering the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: Fortuna

I chose the Wheel of Fortune card, because I am of Australian Aboriginal and Romani decent and the Wheel is particularly significant to Romani people, to the point where it is in the centre of our flag. The wheel informs the whole philosophy of the Romani people,...
Queer Tarot Cards The Hierophant Queer Tarot the Druid

Queering the Hierophant: The Druid 5

Queering the Hierophant: The Druid 5: Queer people look to alternative types of Spirituality for guidance and mentors when the traditional church either does not accept or spurns them Hierophant Druid. From a strong connection to earth, Druidic practices, and the fact that often Queer people look to alternative types of Spirituality for guidance and mentors when the traditional church either does not accept or spurns them. To share this represents to me the wonderful things we can learn from the historic traditions of magick and here specifically druidic practices and create the most fertile soil for our own personal growth.

Queer Tarot Cards The Empress Queer Tarot the Empress

Queering The Empress – version 2

It was a real pleasure to shoot this card, with a new angle, and different power and attitude.  This shoot we knew which photo would be the Tarot card almost immediately, just like we did on the Tower shoot with Teddy. It gives me shivers when this happens. There was a wee kitty around the house who I thought might join the shoot as many of the other pets/ animals have in other shoots, but she decided not to.

Queer Tarot Cards: Queering the Moon Tarot Card

The Moon – 18

Queer Tarot Cards:
Really tapping into their feelings of desire, intuition and trusting your gut, they came with a power- reversed play on the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.  Playing around with a digital projection of the moon and casting shadows was such a wonderfully powerful and tender experience to be part of.
The Moon: tapping into their feelings of desire, intuition and trusting your gut, they came with a power- reversed play on the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

Queer Tarot Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes work for the Queer Tarot Card Project with Florence. Photographing Queer People and Telling their Stories through the Archetypes of Tarot. Creating Queer Community and a Queer Tarot Deck

Queering the Devil Tarot Card version 2

Queering The Devil – 15 Version 2

Reminding us that the Devil card isn't about running away from the dark but embracing it in our own way.  Shot as the amazing Anno Domini Home ware house  full of gothic and darker historical art pieces, this Devil plays with a sense of duality. Dominance, fetish,...
Queer Tarot Cards The Devil Queer Tarot the Devil

Queer Tarot: The Devil – 15

Queering The Devil – 16 Reminding us that the Devil card isn’t about running away from the dark but embracing it in our own way, and that indulgences can be healing as well as vices.  Thanks to the most wonderful gothy-queers for sharing their take on the Devil.

Queering the 6 of Pentacles Queer Tarot 6 of Pentacles

Queering the 6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles the reminder that caring for others works best with self care. Shot at Cloud Catcher Witch camp. Thanks PippaQueer tarot is important because it gives people with a sense of weird something to connect to. Weird is wonderful, weird is free, and being unforgivingly the most authentic version of yourself you could possibly be. To find other weird community members is like your species of unicorn. I believe I fit in in the LGBTQIA-W – being W is for Witch or Weird. I feel so connected to finding the spectrum outside of the norm. There is something so empowering about that – outside of the norm there is still community and acceptance.

Queering the Hanged Man Tarot Card Queer Tarot Cards

Queering the Hanged Man

This card was shot up in the Dandenong ranges out of Melbourne, we trekked into the Sherbrook Forrest, clambered off the beaten trail, across fallen trees bridging the swampy creek, up past snake holes, wombat caves and funnel spider homes...  It was a journey getting...
The Fool Queer Tarot cards

The Fool: Behind the scenes

The Fool: Behind the scenes- Queer Tarot. Thank you to the amazing Frank and Ziggy the chicken!  Can’t wait to show you the draft of the card really soon!

A Tarot Deck- A Podcast – Articles – Documentary


Telling Queer Stories through Tarot

We are creating a deck of Tarot cards – featuring Queer people, inclusive of all genders, orientations, nationalities and ages- telling their stories. This project aims to create community and tell queer stories through tarot. When the deck is printed you will be able to scan each Queer Tarot card watch the video interview of that individual person telling their story and what Queer Tarot means to them.

Majors are complete, now shooting the Minor Arcana. Working towards a Documentary on Queer Spirituality and Stories through Tarot

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Queer Spirituality & Tarot Podcast

Queer Spirituality & Tarot Podcast

Stemming from the Queer Tarot photography project, this podcast talks to the card subjects further about Queerness, their spirituality and spiritual practice. Weather using Tarot daily or their lives and journey since being photographed for a Queer Tarot Card, we look at stories of growth and self care and explore LGBTQIAW+ sexuality, identity, gender expression and attractions. Creating community and space outside of traditional / patriarchal religion for spiritual practice that embraces Queerness in all it’s shades.

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