Queer Tarot FAQ Creating safe spaces for queers in Tarot

Creating Safe Spaces for Queers in Tarot

As I move towards the end of this project, with only a handful of cards left to shoot, I've learned a lot about communication and the facilitation of an art project, the facilitation of a project bigger than me that includes a whole community. Creating safe spaces....
Queering The Page of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The Page of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the Page of Cups

Every way of feeling and being is appropriate for everyone. Be you! The more my younger self lets themself be open, the more that they’re gonna thrive and they’re gonna blossom.

Queering the King of Wands Queer Tarot Cards The king of Wands Minor Arcana

Queering the King of Wands

Just because you’re queer and part of the LGBTQ+ does not give you a pass on misappropriation. On racially or culturally insensitive acts or other things in that, of that nature.Magic that doesn’t belong to you, exactly. It’s taken me a long time to be comfortable as a witch as a person, as a person of colour as a queer individual. It has taken me so unbelievably long to recognize, feel, and experience myself for the value that I have.

Queering the Queen of Wands Queer Tarot Cards The Queen of Wands Minor Arcana

Queering the Queen of Swords v2

Queen of Swords: Take that anger, take that rage and hone it and focus it it’s going to be a long fight. Use your strength and your power to create positivity in the world. Hold your tongue a bit more think a lot deeper about the words that you are going to use be more restrained in your emotions

Queering the Knight of Swords Queer Tarot Cards Knight of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering the Knight of Swords

Queering the Knight of Swords: As a trauma survivor am reclaiming those thoughts – reclaiming my own thought and being able to focus my intellect and focus my creativity in a way that is active rather than passive. Hold your own Sword in your hand and learn how to wield them, learn how to use them; have the discipline of the Knight – anything is possible.

Queer Tarot- Cassandra Snow Tarot for the collective healing

Tarot for Collective Healing: Cups as Healing

Which cards represent where you’re still hurting from this oppression and which ones represent where you have something to offer or give back right now? Don’t overstep or give into white saviorism with this. Know your place and your role in the movement.

Queering The Ace of Swords Queer Tarot Cards The 1 of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering the Ace of Swords

There’s a time for cutting yourself out of things. The inspiration and the ability to discern. Life is confusing, but seemed really when I was young. Take a few more risks. It’s not that I never took risks, but I was pretty uncertain at times.

Queering The Queen of Swords Queer Tarot Cards The Queen of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering the Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords has completely changed everything about my life, including where I find my spirituality – unseen allies that follow you in the spirit world. Femme for me means embracing the feminine aspects of my personhood. It doesn’t relate to my genitals or my body.

Queering The Nine of Swords Queer Tarot Cards The Nine of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering the Nine of Swords

If you’re having a hard time and you feel alone, I just want to remind you that you’re not alone. And that there’s always someone out there that’s going to be ready to help you if you just ask. I want to remind people that depression is real, and it does not make you less than!

Queering The King of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The King of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the King of Cups v2

King of Cups v2: Tarot’s always been a really important part of my spirituality. I grew up in a super religious home, so I didn’t really get a lot of it. And when I got into high school, my friends were super into it and they started to introduce it to me. It’s this beautiful, peaceful spiritual thing where you just – I don’t really know how to explain it. But it’s sort of like Paganism I suppose, where everything has a life force, but humans aren’t necessarily the most important

Jamie Beckenstein_ Pop Tarot Queer Tarot Guest Post

Guest Post: Pilgrimages and the Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is someone you can be, at least for a little while. What would it be like to try to integrate those powers with the world around them and the body you believe them with?

Queering The Eight of SwordsQueer Tarot Cards The 8 of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering The Eight of Swords Queer Tarot Cards The 8 of Swords Minor Arcana

This comes back to the card, to imposter syndrome, not holding yourself back and being self critical. Do the things that scare you. So I flipped the script on it, don’t let that scare you. Don’t let that stop you. If I’m already where I am, imagine where I could be in 6 years. Just trust the process, you will get there.

Why the Queer Tarot Project is on Patreon.

Why the Queer Tarot Project is now on Patreon

Why the Queer Tarot Project is on Patreon: Asking for support is hard, asking for feedback is hard, asking for money or financial support is the worst.  But it shouldn’t be. Patreon will help sustain my ability & freedom to create the Queer Tarot Project liberated from commercial interests – Creating freedom & community with Magick.

Queering the 4 of Cups

Queering the 4 of Cups: It’s not “It could be better” but more “you should be aware of what you have right now – the perceptions”. Queer Tarot- We need to see a highly diverse tarot deck, people of different backgrounds, and energy. It’s a bunch of archetypes and energy combined. Queer means everything, it’s a rainbow, queer can mean something so weird an odd but in a good way. Something that is interesting not as immediately apparent. Queer can mean one thing to one person and completely different to another.

Queering the Knight of Pentacles Queer Tarot Cards The Knight of Pentacles Minor Arcana

Queering the Knight of Pentacles

The woods we’re in right now are a particularly queer part of the woods, because it is a cruising place.  One of my favourite things is to wander the woods during the late afternoon in summer, and just listening to the sounds of the forest, and seeing men moving through the woods, feeling my body, and other bodies and the warmth of the sun.  This card for me is that it is grounded in curiosity, he’s not learning because he has to, he’s learning because he wants to.

Queering the Knight of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The Knight of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the Knight of Cups

It’s okay to feel really strongly, and it isn’t more strong to shut down your emotions and be cold. There’s a lot of strength in being able to just feel things. My way of being strong is radical gentleness, to be vulnerable and soft when it would be easier not to be.

Queering the Ace of Wands Queer Tarot Cards The Ace of Wands Minor Arcana

Queering the Ace of Wands

The drag really helped me, to be able to put what ever I was feeling on the inside, on the outside in this creative being that. Make up for me as well is the same. I hate it when it’s in a job because you’re sitting there, you’re doing the same thing, where as when I’m at home and I’m doing my make up it’s completely different.

Queering the Six of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The 6 of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the 6 of Cups

I am worthy if beautiful spaces, I’m worthy of intimacy, from others and myself. Connection and love in myself.

Queering Knight of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The Knight of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the Knight of Cups

Put on your armour, weather that is your lipstick or your favourite boots. Your queer armour, what ever makes you feel good, what ever protects you, and enforce those boundaries but also fight for the things you want.

Queer tarot is so important because we’ve been bequeathed this language, all these archetypes and we get to play with them. We get to reimagine the world with Queer Tarot

Queering the Ace of Cups

That Ace of Cups, that dreamy, aspirational queer inside that still is able to thrive. We’re not supposed to just survive – we thrive.

Judgement v1 Queer Tarot Cards Judgement Queer Tarot the Judgement Card Black lives matter

Telling Queer Stories through Tarot

We are creating a deck of Tarot cards – featuring Queer people, inclusive of all genders, orientations, nationalities and ages- telling their stories. This project aims to create community and tell queer stories through tarot. When the deck is printed you will be able to scan each Queer Tarot card watch the video interview of that individual person telling their story and what Queer Tarot means to them.

Majors are complete, now shooting the Minor Arcana. Working towards a Documentary on Queer Spirituality and Stories through Tarot

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Queering the King of Wands Queer Tarot Cards The king of Wands Minor Arcana

Queer Spirituality & Tarot Podcast

Queer Spirituality & Tarot Podcast

Stemming from the Queer Tarot photography project, this podcast talks to the card subjects further about Queerness, their spirituality and spiritual practice. Weather using Tarot daily or their lives and journey since being photographed for a Queer Tarot Card, we look at stories of growth and self care and explore LGBTQIAW+ sexuality, identity, gender expression and attractions. Creating community and space outside of traditional / patriarchal religion for spiritual practice that embraces Queerness in all it’s shades.

Queer Tarot Photography Tour update

Queer Tarot Photography Tour update

I left on this Queer Tarot cards photography tour at the end of December, and visited Philadelphia, Chicago, Alberta, Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island.  I did over a dozen more photo shoots along the way, and each one has changed me and taught me so much.

Artist: Queer Tarot Tour

Artist: Queer Tarot Tour

“That’s okay, it’s been my pleasure having your stay. Now I can say I hosted and artist.”

I don’t think this person knew how much these words meant to me. I know I’ve written a little about imposter syndrome before



When I started my journey to create a Queer Tarot Deck, I didn’t know any already existed.  Now that I am so far into this project, I have discovered, found and been sent so many links of wonderful, inspiring work that has been created, recently and many years ago.  Here I aim to list and honour decks that I love, own, recommend or have simply be told about. 

Queer Community Flags and Symbols

Queer Community Flags and Symbols

Queer Community Flags & Symbols I’ve designed the back of the Tarot Cards to represent Queer Community Magick & include as many queer community flags & symbols that represent gender & sexuality. These are correct to the best of my knowledge- if any need updating please let me know.

Queer Tarot Cards: Creating from the Heart

Queer Tarot Cards: Creating from the Heart

I’ve stepped back, stopped feeling bad, and given myself permission to remove the deadline, to pause, to take a breath. Telling stories and creating an inspirational and spiritual representation of our realness through photographic tarot deck – THAT is what I’m about.  I

Exhibitions: Gain disguised as loss

Exhibitions: Gain disguised as loss

How can this loss serve me? Where does it point my work? I need to metabolise my pain and frustration as energy. I cannot blame the festival advertising – how can I look at this differently and look at a different door, probably one that scares the pants off me. Right here right now I am stopping complaining (mostly in my head to myself), I am going to stop beating myself up, and reach for what I really want for this project in a different way.

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