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Photographer & Film maker

Flossy, the photographer behind the vision of the Queer Tarot Cards, is a geeky queer witch hailing from New Zealand, previously living Melbourne.

Tarot started as a story telling medium, so following their ancestral heritage of the Seanchaí, the Irish storyteller, they started capturing stories of queers, LGBTQIA++ minorities and their spirituality in April 2017.

Passionate about the Queer community, and providing a platform and voice to tell stories of real people in our LGBTQIA+ community. A photographer, film maker, illustrator and creative writer, they also runs site called Create Magick.

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This newsletter list means I will email you twice a month-ish as I create the new Tarot Cards.  Thank you for following this project as we create a Queer Tarot Deck together! Your support and encouragement makes this happen.  Behind the scenes of the Tarot Cards, and the odd pen-pal letter to thank you for being awesome.

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