Queering Tarot Cards The 3 of Wands Queer Tarot the Three of wands

Queering the 3 of Wands

That’s the 3 of Wands, it’s when your planning is done and is enough, and you have this future ahead of you. I think there is a strong and meaningful interaction between the Queer Community and the witchy, spiritually, semi occult community. I think it is resistance to the orthodox and a counter culture.

Queer Flags and Symbols_ Queer Tarot Cards

Queer Community Flags and Symbols

Queer Community Flags & Symbols I’ve designed the back of the Tarot Cards to include as many queer community flags & symbols that represent gender & sexuality.

Queering Tarot Cards The Queen of Cups Queer Tarot the Queen of Cups version 2

Queering the Queen of Cups: v2 Queer Queen of Cups

The Emotions, the love and the ripples of the water. The Queen of Cups is the pinnacle of honing in of that kind of energy which is something is something I strive for, being so emotionally sensitive. It’s dirty, it can be mirky water, it can be clean pristine water, waterfalls or the water that cuts through stone. I live in that kind of space in life, I know the darkness of it, and I know the light, and I’m a queen! 

Queer Tarot Cards The Queen of Wands Queer Tarot the Queen of Wands

Queering the Queen of Wands

I would tell my younger self – don’t be afraid of owning your own power. You might be a quiet person, you might be shy but your voice is still valid in the world. Later on you will come into that voice. All those moments when you were brewing that power and thinking about things, come into play and people will hear that voice and respect it.  The Queen of Wands – she’s sexy. She’s about fire, there’s a sexy, aliveness to her.  I’m a cat person, hopefully not a lonely cat person, but find that power, that spark that fires you up.

Queering the 6 of Pentacles Queer Tarot 6 of Pentacles

Queering the 6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles the reminder that caring for others works best with self care. Shot at Cloud Catcher Witch camp. Thanks PippaQueer tarot is important because it gives people with a sense of weird something to connect to. Weird is wonderful, weird is free, and being unforgivingly the most authentic version of yourself you could possibly be. To find other weird community members is like your species of unicorn. I believe I fit in in the LGBTQIA-W – being W is for Witch or Weird. I feel so connected to finding the spectrum outside of the norm. There is something so empowering about that – outside of the norm there is still community and acceptance.

The Fool Queer Tarot cards

Queer Tarot: The Fool 0

Queer Tarot: The Fool As the 0 the first card in the set, The Fool is truely the beginning, the pure, naive and purest version of yourself. With an innocence and open mind it pushes forward. Letting go of hurt and pushing forward, I try to come back to this place, embrace my inner child, without assumptions being open to new adventures.

Queering the 2 of Swords - Queer Tarot Cards 2 of Swords

Queering the 2 of Swords: Queer Tarot

Even if the conflict itself is terrifying – the person that you are when you come out of it is so powerful. Don’t be intimidated by the idea that when making decisions about ourselves or our lives that it’s one thing or another – there are infinite options, there are infinite paths you can take.

Queering Tarot Cards Heart not ego Queer Tarot Creating from the heart

Queer Tarot Cards: Creating from the Heart

I’ve stepped back, stopped feeling bad, and given myself permission to remove the deadline, to pause, to take a breath. Telling stories and creating an inspirational and spiritual representation of our realness through photographic tarot deck – THAT is what I’m about.  I

Queering Tarot Cards The 2 of Wands Queer Tarot the 2 of Wands

Queering the 2 of Wands: Queer Tarot

I have chosen the 2 of Wands. For me the 2 of Wands is about knowing your self worth and realising your choice of direction is your own. In other representations of the card I see usually a young man looking out a the world, and he’s free to set his path. I chose the 2 of Wands. For me it is about knowing your self worth & realising your choice of direction is your own. I’ve been unravelling the stories that have been written for me and trying to find the stories that I want to write. My younger self knew but I unlearned it some where along the way.

Queering Tarot Card Majesty of Cups Queer Tarot the Majesty of Cups Card

Queering the Majesty (King) of Cups

The King of cups is jovial, jolly and happy. I would tell younger self that “Your cup has always been full an overflowing.  Laugh more, have more fun, stress less, breathe, go outside, and love yourself.”  Drink deep, know yourself in all your parts, be the cup you need to be for yourself & the world around you.

Queering 2 of Cups Tarot Card

Queering the 2 of Cups for Queer tarot. My abilities lie in Energy sharing and connection. Im an empath and I connect with the land and myself to self care. Dont be scared of connection and being vulnerable.

Queering the King of Swords: The Host

If someone pulled the Host of Swords in a tarot reading I would want them to know that having a male body in this world is gentle, it is an offering of more than self. It is a kindness, a gentleness, it is beautiful. You can romanticise yourself. You can be strong and beautiful.

Queering The Tower The Storm Queer Tarot Cards The Tower The Storm 16. Major Arcana

Queering the The Tower 16. version 2

I chose the Tower, and in some Deck’s it is called The Storm. The Tower card is about rebirth and destroying things and I think thats that what I find myself constantly doing. Throwing things out and starting again. I work writing theatre, I’ve only just learned that the best can be to say “I’m going to start again”

Queering The Lovers Queer Tarot Cards The Lovers 6. version 2 Major Arcana

Queering the Lovers – 6. v2 Miss Jin Please for Queer Tarot Cards

I chose the Lovers because it represents unity more specifically the unity in myself. When I was younger I used to shun the feminine side. It took meeting allot of people that showed me there’s no shame. Taking on drag is something that allowed me to express my femininity and love who I am.

Queering The Emperor The Navigator Queer Tarot Cards The Emperor The Navigator 4. Major Arcana

Queering the Emperor: The Navigator 4.

What really appealed to me is the boundaries we create, the respect for boundaries. In a kink sense that can be having conversations about boundaries or hard limits, and being clear about them -there is such a relief in that. What is it about this card that you resist and where is that thing you resist – in yourself.

Queering The High Priestess The Oracle Queer Tarot Cards The High Priestess The Oracle 3. Major Arcana

Queering The High Priestess / Oracle version 3

“They think I’ll never find an audience that will resonate with what I have to offer – but there are people out there who are just like me, and I can’t be the only one!” I think it’s about finding your inner divinity and your inner power & knowing that you are just as worthy, beautiful & just powerful as anyone else.

Queering The World Queer Tarot Cards The World2

Queering The World Tarot Card version 2

What is home? And how do we define it.  This interview started me thinking about the end, beginning and completion of cycles, travel and the passing of time, and truely came into my life right at the time I was thinking of going on the road too and moving overseas to Canada. I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned through these Queer Tarot Cards.

Queer Tarot Cards The High Priestess Oracle

Queering The High Priestess / Oracle

The Hight Priestess for me is one of balance as well as power and trust, and that’s important in society. A Queer Tarot deck is important, because it gives meaning to the queer community. I’m still rediscovering myself right now, and for those who are intersex out there, never give up on your identity, be who you are, and never give up. Don’t be something that you’re not.

Queer Tarot Cards Queen of Cups Queer Tarot the Queen of Cups Card

Queering the Queen of Cups- Queer Tarot

The Queen of Cups has been my signifier tarot card, many years ago and re-reading it I think it still holds. It’s about intuition, which is a part of me that I really need to reconnect with.  It is creative and nurturing, full of nature and WINE or Coffee. Queer Tarot Card Queen of Cups

Queer Tarot Cards Judgement version 2 Queer Tarot the Judgement version 2 Card #METOO Me Too March

Queering Judgement / Liberation version 2 #METOO Queer Tarot Cards

Queer Tarot Cards Judgement version 2 Queer Tarot #METOO Me Too March. With #MeToo people are being more upfront with their communities & how to keep themselves safe as a community. Why not have Tarot be embodied by Queer people, adding queer experiences as layers of metaphors & meaning to each concept portrayed

Telling Queer Stories through Tarot

A Queer Tarot photography project, creating a whole deck of Tarot cards. Majors are complete, now shooting the Minor Arcana.

Shooting portraits of queer people, inclusive of all genders, orientations, nationalities and ages in a style that reflects each individual, this project brings to life tarot cards and tells stories of Individuals in our community. Tarot started as a story telling medium, now we will have a way of telling queer stories through tarot too. Starting with just the Major Arcana, this project aims to create community and tell queer stories through tarot.

Each tarot card will inspire a photograph and a short interview telling the story of that person, and explain why they relate, embody or love the card they’ve chosen – what Queer Tarot means to them.

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