Queering Knight of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The Knight of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the Knight of Cups

Put on your armour, weather that is your lipstick or your favourite boots. Your queer armour, what ever makes you feel good, what ever protects you, and enforce those boundaries but also fight for the things you want.

Queer tarot is so important because we’ve been bequeathed this language, all these archetypes and we get to play with them. We get to reimagine the world with Queer Tarot

Queering the Ace of Cups

That Ace of Cups, that dreamy, aspirational queer inside that still is able to thrive. We’re not supposed to just survive – we thrive.

Queering The 3 of Swords Queer Tarot Cards The three of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering the 3 of Swords

Queering the 3 of Swords I would tell my younger self that you’re not going to get over grief, that it is there, and you have to learn to live with it.  You can still have hope, you can still live, and you can still love, but you don’t have to hate that part of yourself.

Queer Tarot Photography Tour update

I left on this Queer Tarot cards photography tour at the end of December, and visited Philadelphia, Chicago, Alberta, Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island.  I did over a dozen more photo shoots along the way, and each one has changed me and taught me so much.

Queering The 9 of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The Nine of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the 9 of Cups

Queering the 9 of Cups. Till my dying day I will out myself as queer and I will out myself as a witch so that people aren’t afraid of it any more. I think a queer tarot deck is all about that. It’s all about, just being out. Out and about. It gets better and better and better. Find your community. We’re everywhere and we’re waiting for you. I see you.

Queering The 7 of Swords Queer Tarot Cards The seven of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering the 7 of Swords

Queering The 7 of Swords You and your medicine are going to walk through this world, and the world isn’t going to want to take it and that’s hard for you.  Don’t forget your medicine and adding to what it already is – letting it reveal it’s self. Queer Tarot Cards The seven of Swords Minor Arcana

Queering the 8 of Cups

As the 8 of cups I would tell my younger self that it’s okay to be an introvert. To give yourself permission to chose to do things that takes care of yourself.

Queering the 10 of Pentacles

I would tell my younger self to look out for queerness as a turning point, queer theory, queer people.  After moving to Melbourne 6 years ago, I did not expect that queerness and intersectional feminism has been the missing link in my studies and training in mental health specifically. I would tell my younger self to just hang in there. You’re not going to find the missing piece from academic elders, you’re going to find it in the queer community for your own personal healing.  To be able to work in a more rounded way, to be able to solve problems or help relationships – it’s gender roles that are hurting people.  That was huge.  That idea was absent from the first 10 years of trying to work on my trauma.

List of All Queer Tarot Decks


When I started my journey to create a Queer Tarot Deck, I didn’t know any already existed.  Now that I am so far into this project, I have discovered, found and been sent so many links of wonderful, inspiring work that has been created, recently and many years ago.  Here I aim to list and honour decks that I love, own, recommend or have simply be told about. 

Queering The 3 of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The Three of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the 3 of Cups: Relationship Anarchy

Queering 3 of Cups: Relationship Anarchy Realising the core of who I am isn’t some set of expectations I have about myself or the people around me.  We are all much more powerful, than we let ourselves think a lot of the time, around what kind of experiences we want.  We are the authors and subjects of our own experiences.

Queering The Ace of Cups Queer Tarot Cards The Ace of Cups Minor Arcana

Queering the Ace of Cups- Self Pleasure

I live my life in and out of love, it’s not a very stable place – so * the Ace of Cups is* returning to self pleasure and developing that practice.  There is a lovely masterbation meditation that I talk about with friends. I think that the universe loves you – that’s why you’ve pulled this card, its here to tell you there is this overwhelming wash of support for you

Guardian of Wands – Queering the Court Cards

I’m choosing to be Guardian of Wands also because Wands represent the open and written word, with no gender associated with it. Queering the Court Cards.
They then have the responsibility for the way they communicate, what they have to say, and how they inter relate with the world.

Queer Tarot Cards 2 of Pentacles Queer Tarot the Two of Pentacles Card

Queering the 2 of Pentacles

Queering the 2 of Pentacles: I’ve done lots of overtone singing with washing machines and fridges, buzzes and hums from the industrial environment I live in, and I particularly resonate with washing machines. Ive done some intense ritual work with a washing machine, I’ve a tattoo of a washing machine. I sometimes only half jokingly say that “washing machines are my spirit animal”.  We are at “My beautiful Laundrette” in Melbourne, which is also a beautiful queer film from the 80’s set in England.  It makes me really happy that this place exists.

Queering Tarot Cards The 3 of Wands Queer Tarot the Three of wands

Queering the 3 of Wands

That’s the 3 of Wands, it’s when your planning is done and is enough, and you have this future ahead of you. I think there is a strong and meaningful interaction between the Queer Community and the witchy, spiritually, semi occult community. I think it is resistance to the orthodox and a counter culture.

Queer Flags and Symbols_ Queer Tarot Cards

Queer Community Flags and Symbols

Queer Community Flags & Symbols I’ve designed the back of the Tarot Cards to represent Queer Community Magick & include as many queer community flags & symbols that represent gender & sexuality. These are correct to the best of my knowledge- if any need updating please let me know.

Queering Tarot Cards The Queen of Cups Queer Tarot the Queen of Cups version 2

Queering the Queen of Cups: v2 Queer Queen of Cups

The Emotions, the love and the ripples of the water. The Queen of Cups is the pinnacle of honing in of that kind of energy which is something is something I strive for, being so emotionally sensitive. It’s dirty, it can be mirky water, it can be clean pristine water, waterfalls or the water that cuts through stone. I live in that kind of space in life, I know the darkness of it, and I know the light, and I’m a queen! 

Queer Tarot Cards The Queen of Wands Queer Tarot the Queen of Wands

Queering the Queen of Wands

I would tell my younger self – don’t be afraid of owning your own power. You might be a quiet person, you might be shy but your voice is still valid in the world. Later on you will come into that voice. All those moments when you were brewing that power and thinking about things, come into play and people will hear that voice and respect it.  The Queen of Wands – she’s sexy. She’s about fire, there’s a sexy, aliveness to her.  I’m a cat person, hopefully not a lonely cat person, but find that power, that spark that fires you up.

Queering the 6 of Pentacles Queer Tarot 6 of Pentacles

Queering the 6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles the reminder that caring for others works best with self care. Shot at Cloud Catcher Witch camp. Thanks PippaQueer tarot is important because it gives people with a sense of weird something to connect to. Weird is wonderful, weird is free, and being unforgivingly the most authentic version of yourself you could possibly be. To find other weird community members is like your species of unicorn. I believe I fit in in the LGBTQIA-W – being W is for Witch or Weird. I feel so connected to finding the spectrum outside of the norm. There is something so empowering about that – outside of the norm there is still community and acceptance.

The Fool Queer Tarot cards

Queer Tarot: The Fool 0

Queer Tarot: The Fool As the 0 the first card in the set, The Fool is truely the beginning, the pure, naive and purest version of yourself. With an innocence and open mind it pushes forward. Letting go of hurt and pushing forward, I try to come back to this place, embrace my inner child, without assumptions being open to new adventures.

Queering the 2 of Swords - Queer Tarot Cards 2 of Swords

Queering the 2 of Swords: Queer Tarot

Even if the conflict itself is terrifying – the person that you are when you come out of it is so powerful. Don’t be intimidated by the idea that when making decisions about ourselves or our lives that it’s one thing or another – there are infinite options, there are infinite paths you can take.

A Tarot Deck- A Podcast – Articles – Documentary


Telling Queer Stories through Tarot

We are creating a deck of Tarot cards – featuring Queer people, inclusive of all genders, orientations, nationalities and ages- telling their stories. This project aims to create community and tell queer stories through tarot. When the deck is printed you will be able to scan each Queer Tarot card watch the video interview of that individual person telling their story and what Queer Tarot means to them.

Majors are complete, now shooting the Minor Arcana. Working towards a Documentary on Queer Spirituality and Stories through Tarot

Scroll down to view the Podcast episodes and Blog articles.


Tarot for Collective Healing

A new contributor series to the Queer Tarot Project, written by Cassandra Snow.

More about Cassandra

All Tarot for Collective Healing

TAROT FOR COLLECTIVE HEALING: This series is meant to be an eclectic one; sometimes we’ll discuss certain cards, sometimes we’ll focus on a spread, sometimes we’ll address hard cards and how the prevent healing and sometimes we might focus on a queer tarot community member or deck who’s doing beautiful work for collective healing. Anything goes so long as it contributes to the healing that marginalised people and communities need.

Queer Spirituality & Tarot Podcast

Queer Spirituality & Tarot Podcast

Stemming from the Queer Tarot photography project, this podcast talks to the card subjects further about Queerness, their spirituality and spiritual practice. Weather using Tarot daily or their lives and journey since being photographed for a Queer Tarot Card, we look at stories of growth and self care and explore LGBTQIAW+ sexuality, identity, gender expression and attractions. Creating community and space outside of traditional / patriarchal religion for spiritual practice that embraces Queerness in all it’s shades.

Queer Community Flags and Symbols

Queer Community Flags & Symbols I’ve designed the back of the Tarot Cards to represent Queer Community Magick & include as many queer community flags & symbols that represent gender & sexuality. These are correct to the best of my knowledge- if any need updating please let me know.

Queer Tarot Cards: Creating from the Heart

I’ve stepped back, stopped feeling bad, and given myself permission to remove the deadline, to pause, to take a breath. Telling stories and creating an inspirational and spiritual representation of our realness through photographic tarot deck – THAT is what I’m about.  I

Exhibitions: Gain disguised as loss

How can this loss serve me? Where does it point my work? I need to metabolise my pain and frustration as energy. I cannot blame the festival advertising – how can I look at this differently and look at a different door, probably one that scares the pants off me. Right here right now I am stopping complaining (mostly in my head to myself), I am going to stop beating myself up, and reach for what I really want for this project in a different way.

Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes work for the Queer Tarot Card Project with Florence. Photographing Queer People and Telling their Stories through the Archetypes of Tarot. Creating Queer Community and a Queer Tarot Deck

Taking Gender out of Tarot

Using ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ when they are specifically using it as shorthand for ‘passive’ ‘active’ or ‘nurturing’ ‘stern’ Say what you mean instead of gendering it.  Nurturing, passive ‘yin’ characteristics aren’t in all feminine people.   Stern /active ‘yang’ characteristics aren’t in all masculine people.

Tarot cards for the Queer community

A beautiful video supporting the Queer Tarot Project and how it gives a platform to all types of Queer Voices to tell their stories and be heard. To have people like us visible when talk about guides, mentors or spirituality.

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