Queer Tarot Cards Queen of Cups Queer Tarot the Queen of Cups Card

Queering the Queen of Cups- Queer Tarot

The Queen of Cups has been my signifier tarot card, many years ago and re-reading it I think it still holds. It’s about intuition, which is a part of me that I really need to reconnect with.  It is creative and nurturing, full of nature and WINE or Coffee. Queer Tarot Card Queen of Cups

Queer Tarot Cards Judgement version 2 Queer Tarot the Judgement version 2 Card #METOO Me Too March

Queering Judgement / Liberation version 2 #METOO Queer Tarot Cards

Queer Tarot Cards Judgement version 2 Queer Tarot #METOO Me Too March. With #MeToo people are being more upfront with their communities & how to keep themselves safe as a community. Why not have Tarot be embodied by Queer people, adding queer experiences as layers of metaphors & meaning to each concept portrayed

Queer Tarot Cards Judgement Queer Tarot the Judgement Card Black lives matter

Queering Judgement: 20 for Queer Tarot

Queering Judgement: 20 for Queer Tarot #blacklivesmatter I am Judgement. Our generation is under immense pressure of external judgement. It’s a heavy card that intertwines love and acceptance.  It’s a card to remind you that what ever you’re feeling in your heart that needs to be said, absolutely needs to be said.

Queering The Magician Queer Tarot Card

Queering The Magician: 1 Queer Tarot Card. I chose the Magician because I think we all have our magical side and it’s not about making things disappear. It’s about making your inner self appear for the rest of the world and letting your light shine.

Queer Tarot Cards The Devil version 3 Queer Tarot the Devil Card v3

Queering the Devil- 15: Version 3

Queering the Devil tarot Card- Raven: “I chose the Devil, because it represents my wild self, my world, my wilderness, my primal instinctive nature that knows no limitations no restrictions. I picked it to celebrate myself, to reclaim my physicality as something sacred.” This beautiful card was shot in New Zealand, in Wellington up in the bush, and as part of the shoot we created a ritual celebration to celebrate the Devilishness in us.

Queer Tarot Cards The Chariot Queer Tarot the Chariot Card

Queering The Chariot – 7

Queering The Chariot – 7 I chose the Chariot because I could relate to it in the sense that you need will power, and the desire to want to change your situation and taking the world by its horns. Getting out there and making it happen for yourself.  I did that by becoming a refugee.

QUEER TAROT EXHIBITION MIDSUMM January 26th to 28th and February 2nd to 4th

Midsummer Queer Tarot Exhibition

Melbourne Midsummer Queer Tarot Exhibition: Telling Queer Stories through the Archetype of Tarot. Queer Tarot by and for the Queer community Queer Photography Exhibition. Click through for dates and Exhibition Location. January 26th to 28th & February 2nd to 4th in Richmond Victoria

Queer Tarot Cards The World Queer Tarot the World Card

Queering the World Tarot Card

Queering the World Tarot Card: Don’t be afraid, fear not, you’re going to go through hell. But you have an inner strength, and inner femininity that keeps you going. That dream of womanhood.”  Sometimes womanhood isn’t what you’re born with, it’s something that you earn, you have to work to.  The World as a card of vulnerability, openness and nudity, and freedom of expression. I’d say “You have so much traveling to do, so much adapting to do, you have so much to work for.  To unveil yourself and show the world your true colours”

Queer Tarot Cards Justice Intersection Queer Tarot the Justice Card

Queering Justice: Intersection

I never really heard anyone saying that to me as a young queer disabled person. I hope my voice can cut through all the negative messages that someone might be hearing about who they are.  You can get proud, and you’re not the one who made you feel ashamed. “You get proud by practicing” – Is a title of a poem by LauraHershey, and for anyone who has been marginalised, it takes practice to get proud

Queering the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card version 2 Fortuna

Queering the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: Fortuna

I chose the Wheel of Fortune card, because I am of Australian Aboriginal and Romani decent and the Wheel is particularly significant to Romani people, to the point where it is in the centre of our flag. The wheel informs the whole philosophy of the Romani people,...
Queering the Tower Queer Tarot Cards the Tower

Queering Tarot: The Tower 16

I chose the Tower, as a way to pull me through a few years of chaos. In terms of discovering my gender, my sexuality and recent Asexuality as well. The message that the Tower brought for me was “Finding clarity and direction through chaos”. The Tower really struck a chord at this moment of my life as a message of hope and direction through a really dark period in one’s life. It also relates to the chaos of experiencing my gender and beginning to understand it more.

The Star v2 Queering the Star Tarot Card

Queering the Star: Who I want to be

Southern hemisphere spring, a scorching hot day, three location tests and you were right and I was wrong.  A huge thank you to Danielle for shooting this version of the star with me.  It was a super hot sunny day and we found water, the love of so many puppy friends...

Queering the Death Card: The Death of Trauma

This beautiful and very powerful card was shot at the Melbourne Women's Circus, huge gratitude and many thanks to them for allowing us to use the space for filming and creating this version of the Death Tarot card. Transcription from Audio interview: We live in a...
Queering the Hanged Man Tarot Card Queer Tarot Cards

Queering the Hanged Man

This card was shot up in the Dandenong ranges out of Melbourne, we trekked into the Sherbrook Forrest, clambered off the beaten trail, across fallen trees bridging the swampy creek, up past snake holes, wombat caves and funnel spider homes...  It was a journey getting...
Queering the Lovers Tarot Cards

Queering The Lovers Tarot Card

Love:  Even more important on a day like today.  The eve of the Australia Plebiscite postal vote announcement.  That fiercely Queer theme of loving and caring for self. It’s so important. A practice of self-care can be absolutely radical in a world that is allowing...
Queering the Fool Tarot Card version 2

Queering the Fool Tarot Card version 2

Transcription from Audio interview: Be open to change, and especially in the Queer community we are always fighting for change. So by going, "Hey, here it is! Let's go!" is how I look at life and how I prepare for what is next to come. Thank you to Justin/ Kristen for...
Queering the Death Tarot Card version 2

Queering The Death Card Version 2

Thank you so much to the amazing Anno Domini Home warehouse  full of gothic and darker historical art pieces.  This gothic interpretation of the Death card, embracing the majestic fascination with death, impermanence, and the passing of time.  Featuring real vintage...
Queering the Strength Tarot Card

Queering the Strength Tarot Card

Transcription from audio: Each time I pull a set of cards which I’ve done recently this card has come up. This is a significant card for me. I've spent since my mid 20's not wanting to be here. After a mental break earlier this year, you do realise you have a lot more...
Queering the Hermit Tarot Card

Queering the Hermit Tarot Card

Transcription from audio interview: I feel that Queer people are underrepresented in magical realms, and if there is a specific Tarot that speaks to people who are Queer – readings might be a little more accurate. Queerness and magick are aligned for me, and I feel...
Queering the Devil Tarot Card version 2

Queering The Devil – 15 Version 2

Reminding us that the Devil card isn't about running away from the dark but embracing it in our own way.  Shot as the amazing Anno Domini Home ware house  full of gothic and darker historical art pieces, this Devil plays with a sense of duality. Dominance, fetish,...

Telling Queer Stories through Tarot

A queer Tarot photography project, creating 22 Major Arcana cards.

Shooting portraits of queer people, inclusive of all genders, orientations, nationalities and ages in a style that reflects each individual, this project brings to life tarot cards and tells stories of Individuals in our community. Tarot started as a story telling medium, now we will have a way of telling queer stories through tarot too. Starting with just the Major Arcana, this project aims to create community and tell queer stories through tarot.

Each tarot card will inspire a photograph and a short interview telling the story of that person, and explain why they relate, embody or love the card they’ve chosen – what Queer Tarot means to them.

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