Why do you think a queer tarot deck is important?

I think a queer tarot deck is important because traditionally though a lot of different western spiritual practices have been quite dichotomous. Um, you‘ve got the gender binary, it’s been very heteronormative, we just need to show more diversity in our storytelling and tarot is a great storytelling technique. I think the queer tarot deck is important because traditionally in a lot of spiritual practices have been quite heteronormative. Um, binary, gender, things like that I think we really need to show the diversity in our society and that’s always been there but it’s time to really represent that.

Why do you resonate with the Queen of Swords?

Queen of Swords is someone I aspire to be. I aspire to be more of a Wahine Toa and she is known for her intellect, she is known for her wise words. The Queen of Swords is a figure I aspire to be more like – her characteristics are having a strong intellect, using wise words, being a strong.   She’s taking on traditionally masculine traits. She is knows for her mind and her intellect and not having emotion. These are traditionally your masculine traits.  I think out of all the deck she’s probably one of the queerer cards. It’s a very powerful female figure that I wish I would like to aim to be more like. She is known for being an intellectual. Being very witty. Using her words. Her words are her strength. That’s something, a characteristic I want to take on.

Why did you choose to shoot this card?

That’s an easy one I chose to shoot this card because she was the card that I’ve drawn the most out of the deck this year. I feel like I am more than her reverse She’s um… her reverse is known as, more of an ice queen. Emotionless. Cold hearted as well. And negative aspects of myself which I would like to flip. I’ve drawn this card the most this year so I feel like she’s trying to tell me something. The queen of swords in a way is already a queer card. Her, mostly the feminine is associated with being over emotional, feelings of the heart, and things like that. The Queen of Swords is the opposite of all of that. She is emotional but she’s fought over the mind, over the heart. So in a way she takes some of the traditionally masculine traits.

How might you relate to this card reversed?

I think my personal characteristics currently are more the card in reverse. Um, she’s known for being quite cold hearted and emotionless and these are negative aspects about myself that I would like to work on.

What would you tell your younger self about the lessons of this card that you know now?

I would tell my younger self that she probably hold her fucking mouth a bit more. Be more considered in the words she chose and the way she represents herself. Probably to just be, hold your tongue a bit more think a lot deeper about the words that you are going to use be more restrained in your emotions a lot.

What message would you want a younger queer to know about the lessons of this card?

I would say to younger people, especially younger queer people, “you are going to have so much anger and rage at the world, um, hold on to that don’t let that lash out. Take that anger, take that rage and hone it and focus it it’s going to be a long fight. Use your strength and your power to create positivity in the world. I would tell a younger person to hold, hold their anger that you feel towards their world. Don’t let it spill out until you consider what direction you want to face it. Put their energy into positivity.**

** transcription of video interview

Tamora – She/ her – Queer polyam weirdo


Queering the Queen of Wands Queer Tarot Cards The Queen of Wands Minor Arcana

Queering the Queen of Wands Queer Tarot Cards The Queen of Wands Minor Arcana

This magical human holds SUCH a special place in my life.  She took me in after I came out, when I left my ex’s place with no where to live and a suitcase of all my belongings.  She took me under her wing and housed a newly out homeless queer.  SO many years later it feels so special to have this human in my tarot deck after so many discussions over the years about poly stuff and relationships and love.  YOU friend, I am grateful for your existence and the kindness you’ve shown me in my life!  Thank you!!

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