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This is my personal note, outside of the description of the Queer Tarot Project itself – below.

Late to this game and working steadily towards valuing myself and the creative work I do – I’m embracing this frontier of crowdfunding, the future of sustainable content creation, whatever you wanna call it….this is it, we’re doin’ it. This patreon is for people who want to help sustain my ability and freedom to create magick, tell stories, make content, tarot cards, art exhibitions, photography, podcasts, A DOCUMENTARY – liberated from commercial interests – by paying a set amount of money every time I create.

Asking for support is hard, asking for feedback is hard, asking for money or financial support is the worst.  But it shouldn’t be.  Inspired by Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking” and her Ted Talk I dare. I read her book almost 2 years ago, and now, today I have worked through my guilt, my shame and the fear of “not being good enough, am I a really artist, am I a real photographer, can I really make a documentary, am I worthy of manifesting this project into the universe”.  Feeling like I’ve created a base line of content to prove the creative work I do – show my purpose and commitment to making this happen, to feel confident enough to turn back to you, the community that is now following this work and ask for your help. To ask for you to support this project, and the hours, effort and investment I’ve put into it.

For an overview of how patreon works in general, they’ve got a great primer HERE to explain how it works. Basically: you give patreon your credit card # (or paypal) and you’re charged $1 (or more, if you choose) at the end every month to support me and the Queer Tarot Project in creative art-making, story-telling magick work. This support helps me to pay my expenses, but the flash unit I need, replace the broken memory card reader, start to cover the costs hosting the websites, getting the right recording gear, and my general survival!

I’m not a *massive* mainstream creative artist and story-teller, and don’t want to put up huge paywalls and/or selling my soul to corporate advertisers or publishers. The Queer Tarot project is here, it’s accessible to everyone, if you can’t support me the work is still free to look at.  I don’t wanna do , that’s not who I am. So I need your help.  I’m a scared, open hearted creative art-ist and story teller that thinks that this creative work, all that makes up the Queer Tarot project is for sharing, not for selling out to the corporate giants.

The feedback from the small community already gathered with me on the FB group/ Instagram has been SO HELPFUL. I am figuring this system out as I go along, how to do it, and if it works. It’s a constant discussion that I want you to be a part of with me.  I blog/ write articles several times a month, sometimes more. I try to be open, vulnerable – share the pain and the joys from my heart/ the places that make me, and inspire me in the creative work and stories I tell. My blogs get sent out via my mailing list, and to the patrons automatically by email (if you’ve enabled email notifications). I want to be able to ask you questions and ask for input or feedback. You’re never expected to answer, but know I will read every comment, because I care a shit-ton about this community, the stories and magick we are creating together. This is so much bigger than just me.

If you have just become one of my patrons…THANK YOU. I love you and you are making me & the Queer Tarot Project possible. www.queertarot.cards

For now…


Flossy Roxx

p.s. If you’re not familiar with my main blog www.createmagick.com this is where I post my ramblings, and the stories of others that resonate with my “Create Magick” philosophy, and share stories of deep authenticity.

p.p.s. If you have questions, please submit them on twitter, on facebook, on my blog, or here on the patron stream once you sign up. If you have more questions please send me an email at florence@therockwellproject.com and I’ll get you sorted. If you’d like more information about How Patreon Works or need help with your patreon account you can contact their support team directly:http://support.patreon.com


Telling Queer Stories through Tarot


The Queer Tarot Project, created by Flossy Roxx. When I first started learning Tarot, I didn’t know Queer Tarot was a thing.  Wanting to see my Queerness and my community represented in Tarot Archetypes, I decided to embark on creating a Tarot deck myself.  The Tarot deck will have video interviews, the people in each card telling their stories, as the card interpretations.  My long term stretch goal is to create a documentary film with all the footage that looks at Queer Spirituality and Tarot and the stories we all have to share and learn from.

Shooting portraits & interviews of queer people, inclusive of all genders, orientations, nationalities and ages in a style that reflects each individual, this project brings to life tarot cards and tells stories of Individuals in our community. Tarot started as a story telling medium, now we will have a way of telling queer stories through tarot too. Starting with Tarot cards, this project aims to create community and tell queer stories through tarot.

The Queer Spirituality & Tarot Podcast is a way of continuing to engage in these conversations beyond just tarot and takes a deeper look into Queerness and Spirituality that maybe separate from traditional religious experiences. Having grown up in a very conservative christian family that rejects my Queerness I felt a massive gap in my life where spirituality existed – Through this podcast I explore stories and self care practices in the Queer community that fill this void.

All this content is free to access, so I have dared to embark on a journey outside of my comfort zone and ask the community to support this creative work.  Any contribution you can make helps me maintain the QueerTarot.cards website, my camera gear, and feed me so I can keep creating this content, making a Tarot deck, videos and sharing Queer community stories with you all.  Learning to ask for this support has been, in itself a journey for me. But this project has a life of it’s own and is bigger than, I can’t do it without you.  Thank you for your support, and belief in me to facilitate this magical process!

Queer Tarot Queer The Navigator Emperor Tarot Cards

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This newsletter list means I will email you twice a month-ish as I create the new Tarot Cards.  Thank you for following this project as we create a Queer Tarot Deck together! Your support and encouragement makes this happen.  Behind the scenes of the Tarot Cards, and the odd pen-pal letter to thank you for being awesome.

Thanks for supporting the Queer Tarot Project