With the arrival of a new calendar year, to me it doesn’t feel like a new year till it warms up – Partially because I arrived in Canada in spring, and partially cos in the southern hemisphere winter is the middle of the year. Gloomy and wet feels weird butting up against holidays, celebrations and festivities!

However, it feels like I’ve come to announce new year’s resolutions. Ironically they’re more like resolutions from YEARS ago, in the planning, finally coming to fruition just now – eeeep!

1 – I’m giving away a copy of the SLOW HOLLER TAROT DECK!! You can enter as many times as you like, all you have to do is consent to be subscribed to the Queer Tarot newsletter.  It only comes out occasionally, and generally has info on what I’ve been doing for the Queer Tarot project and if it’s not for you you can leave it in the future. ENTER HERE!

2 – I’ve finally got the Kahuna’s together to launch a Patreon account for the Queer Tarot Project.  Why? I started a Patreon to enable me to keep the QueerTarot.cards and all the card transcriptions publicly available, to contribute to travel costs for those who want to be photographed, and scholarships to local witch camps. Your contributions assist with the creation of the video interviews, a documentary about Queer Spirituality and my stretch goal of a Queer Tarot app you can use on your phone. Contributions will also pay the occasional community contributor to write articles about tarot and queerness.

3 – I finally filmed a usable “What is the Queer Tarot Project” video which although is designed for Patreon, really summarizes what my goals are for the project and gives a weeeee look at the kind of videos I’ll be eventually making for every-single-damn-tarot-card! I’ve done several records and re-records of it, and gah has it been a confidence roller coaster of a journey.  But I feel like my visual storytelling skills have sure improved in the process!!

I hope you all enjoy and I’m looking forward to how this shifts this project.  I hope it will help as the engagement I’ve had in the Queer Tarot Facebook group is getting worse and worse, and I’m not great at posting on Instagram, so that is horrible too. Like literally, I just want people to be able hear what is going on, and it means a lot that you all would be willing to support this project too. Thank you so much for your support in advance.

Much LOVE Flossy,

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This newsletter list means I will email you twice a month-ish as I create the new Tarot Cards.  Thank you for following this project as we create a Queer Tarot Deck together! Your support and encouragement makes this happen.  Behind the scenes of the Tarot Cards, and the odd pen-pal letter to thank you for being awesome.

Thanks for supporting the Queer Tarot Project