I’m feeling very tender and vulnerable and connected today. We’re in the temple at BC witch camp, the temple is the community space for opening to beauty and delight, sensual, sexual and erotic pleasures. Coziness and tenderness and sacred intimacy. The Temple of the Hearts Hive and I am the temple priestess, so I am both magically and energetically tending the space, and logistically transforming it from a camp cabin into a space that feels supportive of the connections that might be happening here weather internal connections or connections with others or with spirit.

I chose the 6 of cups, or vessels, 6 of Water.  I chose this card because the cups suit moves through the joys of community into loneliness and the 6 card is where you have found connection and love in yourself. You’re able to have a healthy sense of self and then join with others and experience connection.  In spaces like this, spaces of sacred intimacy which often happen at witch gathers, and queer gathers.  Not always, often theres heartache and we haven’t done our own work enough to be able to step into connection but sometimes there’s these beautiful glimmering moments, where it is there and I just feel seen but also am seeing and witnessing others.  That strengthens our connection and our communities connection to shine for each other.

One of the reasons I feel called to priestessing the temple, is wanting to support people in feeling beautiful, witnessed, seen and worthy of belonging. Worthy of intimacy, and also that we are able to provide that intimacy for ourselves, it is not inferior. Through loving the intimacy we  can provide for ourselves  we are able to witness and create shared intimacy.

I’m a Cancer, and someone told me this was a very “Syr” space. It has lots of books and blankets.  I nest, is one of the way I do that for myself.  I am worthy of beautiful spaces, those don’t need to be for other people for me to deserve to be in them.  That has been a major shift for me. Believing I deserve to have beautiful fabric draped around, beautiful alters in my room and my time spent there in a room that is decorated just for me is just as meaningful as spaces made for community.

I love this question because it feels so big, for me into a relationship with tarot has become such a powerful tool for thinking about myself, thinking about relationships, responsibility and pleasure an so often the typical decks or the typical ways of thinking about tarot don’t make that joy and pleasure apparent. I wasn’t able to connect with tarot for a long time, because there weren’t people modelling all those complex ways it can be. Now through Queer decks (the collective tarot more specifically a this was the first deck I connected with) I am now able to connect with traditional decks and seeing all the ways it models all the beautiful complexities and some many ways of being. The cycles of relating to one another and the cycles of self understanding, and I think as queer people, often we are people of cycles and where tarot is full of infinite thresholds. Every reading is a threshold, every card is a threshold in the cyclical journey. I feel like as queer are called priestess those spaces and those edges for ourselves but also for other queers in the world. I think tarot teaches us how to do that for each other   and for ourselves and models how to do that in community.*

*Transcription of Audio Interview

Syr curated this beautiful fay, safe space at camp and I adored it.  It was so delicious and a real reflection of them as a person and their warm, kind caring energy that they brought.  I did my best to do justice to that energy and bring it to life in the card. It’s sooo pretty, can you see the fairies?

6 of Cups – Syr – Fae/Faer & They/Them – Non Binary, Queer, Bi, Transsexual

6 of Cups

Queering the 6 of Cups

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