We are between worlds, at Evans lake, at BC Witchcamp.  I am Jayne, and I chose to represent the 3 of Swords card.  A couple of weeks ago I did a card reading to understand who I was supposed to be in this lifetime, in this reincarnation, the 3 High Priestess and the 5 Hierophant came up in the Major Arcana and the 3 of Swords. I feel like I carry a lot of grief that is from my ancestors, who didn’t have the freedom or the privilege to grieve. I feel like I am carrying that, also from what ever other lineage I have, carrying that too.  It’s a process of learning to heal to release that, but then also working with others to help them release their grief as well in different ways.

 I would tell my younger self that you’re not going to get over grief, that it is there, and you have to learn to live with it.  Your life it going to get so much more magical, and so much more wise, so much deeper and loving. The grief will be there and will continue to be there, where more grief will be added.  Learning how to love it, live with it and heal with it, to use it as a power – a healing power.  You can still have hope, you can still live, and you can still love, but you don’t have to hate that part of yourself.*
*Transcription of Audio Interview
We had spend hours swimming in the lake, resting on a rock that poke through the surface as a sanctuary to share and exchange sacred stories and vulnerabilities.  Talking about our loves and loves lost, for me it felt like I wasn’t alone in feeling great heartbreak, in feeling like I knew great loss and grief.  Feeling like you aren’t alone, and that it is all too much to handle, but yet seeing someone so fiercely moving forward, growing and thriving. Learning to love and work with that part of themselves as power – this is Jaynes’ power, her healing magic.
Magic that moved me to tears and inspired me..  I’ve cried during the making of many of these tarot card interviews and this one we shed tears together. Hearts full with love and experiences that have pushed us to our limits and further out the otherside fuller, stronger and more aware of our own love and magic.

3 of Swords – Jayne – She/ Her – Queer

3 of Swords Queer Tarot Cards three of Swords Minor Arcana

3 of Swords Queer Tarot Cards three of Swords Minor Arcana

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