My name is Goo and I chose to shoot the 9 of cups. We are at Evans Lake north of Vancouver by about an hour, at BC witch camp. I started reading tarot cards 30 years ago and my teacher was a book by a woman named Mary Greer, in the book there were various ways of getting this card or that card – my soul card and my personality card are The Hermit and the Moon. But the essence of who I am, and all that gobbledegook was the 9 of Cups. I love the 9 of Cups because it is about joy and having your cups filled. Having gone through the trials of the heart and coming to a place where there is abundance. Reflecting on my own life, that’s where I am right now. I got excited about the idea of wearing a white dress and white cups because I feel purified. I’ve gone through some serious fire, and it feels fresh and it has to do with a lot of emotions too. So being at the waters edge with my 9 Cups, feels not necessarily a re-brithing but a re-freshing.

-What is giving you joy? Witches, queers, this land, this water behind me, I’ve been swimming every day and rest. This place fills us, gives us what we need to go out into the world, to see the world reflect what is important to us, it means everything.

I would tell my younger self to take care of herself a lot better, put herself first so she can take care of others. Fill her cups, fill her cups. It’s a lot easier to fill other peoples cups when you are running over.

-How do you fill your cup now?  Witches, and queers and being in nature. And my family, I have a son who is about to turn 17, and a husband and a girl friend, and a beautiful home and my parents are doing well. I have a full and happy life. Being a healthy person myself I am able to take that all in.

I personally believe we are all queer, we all have our eccentricities and oddities, and the patriarch has fed us this lie about what is normal.

I rejoice in those who are not afraid to be themselves. You showed me the other queer tarot cards, and the card of the woman in the wheel chair and I thought that was the most powerful thing. Strength isn’t muscle, it is being in that body and living in the world in that bodies, that is strength. I know that that is strength. Being a queer person and out in the world, being a witch and out in the world is strength and courage because people don’t get it. Till my dying day I will out myself as queer and I will out myself as a witch so that people aren’t afraid of it any more. I think a queer tarot deck is all about that. It’s all about, just being out. Out and about.

It gets better and better and better. Find your community. We’re everywhere and we’re waiting for you. I see you.*

*Transcription from the Audio interview.

9 of Cups – Goo – she/her – Queer, Bi, Pan

Queering the 9 of Cups Queer Tarot Cards

Queering the 9 of Cups Queer Tarot Cards

This human stole my heart.  At camp we recorded this in a moment I was feeling so darn vulnerable, this was a beautiful card to make and sit with.  When I was feeling broken and emotionally raw, it was so wonderful to be reminded that even in the little I have, that I have abundance, I have enough and that I am enough.  I feel so blessed and honoured to know this person, to call them a friend and to have been taken into their house, to recieve from those overflowing cups when I was in a pickle, sick and unable to live in my own home.  Thank you Goo for sharing and thank you for being you.

xx Flossy

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