We’re in an old growth forest, Squamish territory, what is now called colonial British Columbia. We’re sitting on a nurse log, with our local ginseng panex and we’re at Witch camp.  I’m Otis and I chose the 7 of Swards. It is about that choice to step out and be yourself when group think and the over culture is crowding you, binding you, imprisoning you. Its the choice to be authentic and true to yourself. Its associated with Moon in Aquarius, and my moon is in Aquarius, and I drew this card before this witch camp, and I’ve been mulling over it and chewing on it this week as a challenging card. And also I’ve been realising some of the powerful ways that it has formed me and really connecting with the choice.  When we are faced with challenges it actually brings us into freedom.  

When you have a moon in Aquarius you always thing that stuff is happening oppressively, and it is. It’s helpful to learn the term ‘micro aggression’ because it just explains.  There is stuff everywhere all the time.  Layers, and there’s such a need to live beyond that oppression into a real authentic state and way of being.  To find that is an important thing about life. 

This Oplo Panex we’re sitting beside is a fierce warrior. It helps us, and teaches us to be our true self. It has spikes, to separate truth from untruth like air does. Those choices we make when we’re faced needing to go with or go our own way.  The Seven of Swords asks us to do that learning.  This card is a good ally to really anchor in yourself your core self, your truth.  

You and your medicine are going to walk through this world, and the world isn’t going to want to take it and that’s hard for you.  Don’t forget your medicine and adding to what it already is – letting it reveal it’s self.  That dance with community and being yourself in community is going to shape this medicine that you give to the world, and give you a lot of healing to go through it.  However it’s a dance, of challenge, of being yourself and being in community. It’s tense, but remember it’s healing you and it’s healing the community you live in. Take heart, there is nothing wrong with you.  It’s a beautiful path.

Queerness is magick, Tarot is magick. I love divination tools, it’s something that roots me ancestrally, and is also prevalent in my present culture, so it’s this link of old and now.  Queers there is so much we can connect with our art our identity and our culture both ancestral culture and present culture, that can be mixed in tarot.  It can be such a way to help us show up for the day.  It’s a really good magical tool for queers.*

*Transcription from Audio Interview

I watched Otis at camp work his butt off tending, massaging and caring for others.  Truely this human takes their healing medicine duties seriously.  Always the busy bee it was really amazing to be able to share a moment and wander in the forest a little together to slow down, catch our breaths from the busyness of camp. We squeezed in a wee moment to wander off the path and find this bush and tree log to sit on an chat.  I was nervous, as this was the first card I created at this camp and it was magical to let go and just let this card happen.  I’m so honoured I got to listen and feel the vulnerability and feeling of – life is bloody hard but I’ve made it, and so can you feeling that Otis shared with this card.  Again, thank you so much for being part of this and creating this card with me.

7 of Swords – Otis –  He/ They – Bearded butch trans queer masculine

7 of Swords Queer Tarot cards

7 of Swords Queer Tarot cards

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