I am the Guardian of Wands.  Wands for me are the staves (that are also in the photograph) my jo and my bow staff.  I will not go into “kings or queens” – There I mentioned it. I’m choosing to be Guardian of Wands also because Wands represent the spoken and written word, and the fields of communication. Being an author and being very fussy about words, I will defend words. The christian church, missionaries and government have gone right around the world and destroyed the language of every culture that they have come to. Language defines a culture.  The Irish have gone back to having Gaelic on their street signs, that’s amazing. The same in Wales, they have Cymru on their street signs, but in Sydney, Australia we have Chinese on our street signs – there is no connection to the Indigenous culture here and giving them the honour of naming our street signs. When that happens, Australia has changed.  I chose to be the Guardian of Wands, with no gender associated with it, for that very reason. I’m not going to let language die, I will study the etymology, and I’ll be the absolute bastard at upholding that.

I ask every client that comes to me what their star sign is, if they say they are a Leo, a Sagittarius or an Aries – they’re Wands, a fire sign.  We’re looking at the four Greek elements, the Tarot is based on that.  I know they’re Greek, and that’s for another story altogether as there are many more elements.  Those four elements are associated with astrological associations, Wands – Fire. When a person pulls King of Wands, it becomes a big problem.  What are the qualities of a king? How does a king hold power? Does a queen hold power the same as a king? Does a queen display, and a king power over? 

I’m in the midst of an existential dilemma because of the connection between kings and queens. Once I change that and I say I am the “Guardian” of Wands, or this person in front of me is a Guardian of Wands, they then have the responsibility for the way they communicate, what they have to say, and how they interrelate with the world. It becomes a very different thing.  In the Rider-Waite you’ll see a queen of wands with a black cat – that’s a fire sign. The Strength card is associated with the element of fire also. When I have the Page of Wands turn up with the Strength card, I know that’s the time of Leo. We’ve got a very strong connection there with astrological signs and their cousin species, to be a guardian of my friends who are other species, is also important. My communication with other species is important.  I’m a fire sign, a Sagittarian, Leo ascendant – Ba-ba-boom!

I would want my younger self to trust her difference from the get go. I’m adopted, I was sold by the church for 300 pounds, into a family and told this family was mine – lied to most of my life.  I’ve always been a writer, a rebel, and a very annoying person. She got into trouble, she was drugged by the system, put in psych hospitals. “We’ve got to drug this girl because she suffers from an artistic temperament”.  I would tell that young girl to say – “Fuck you, Stop, leave me alone, let me be who I am”.” Be who you are, trust yourself, she couldn’t.

I would say to someone pulling this card in a reading – Enjoy your pleasure, and if you don’t know how, ask someone to show you. Enjoy your mind, enjoy your art, and don’t let anybody stop you. I think it’s important that there are elders in our community who are prepared to tell their story as well. I hate the word “pets”, these are our cousins, we need to be able to communicate as cousins and not be patronising.  That has that idea of a king or a queen – that we are better than them and that we own them – we don’t own them.  That concept of ownership needs to go away where people are concerned as well.*

*Transcription from the Audio Interview

The Guardian (Queen) of Wands – Ly de Angeles – She/ Her – Androgynous / Witch

The Guardian of Wands Queen of Wands 2a

The Guardian of Wands / Queen of Wands – Queering the Court Cards

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