I think there is a strong and meaningful interaction between the Queer Community and the witchy, spiritually, semi occult community. I think it is resistance to the orthodox and a counter culture. I think it is really powerful and the communities merge together in a really powerful way. I think queer representation is visibility. Thanks to Queer representation and visibility in the past I am able to live a fulfilled life in the public sphere. I am fairly conformist, the fact that I can do what I want, and what I’m comfortable with is owed to the hard work for those people, and the risks they’ve overcome. It is a debt I owe to them, this is an investment in the queer future.

I chose the three of wands, because it is a really important an intersection between the past planning, past considerations and the future – and that is exactly where I am right now. I am in this transitional phase, and because of who I am, I always plan a huge amount, plan B’s, plan C’s down to plan Z. It’s important at the end of all the planning to “Do the thing!”.  I think the 3 of Wands is the “doing the thing”.  A year ago I was barely living, uni, working 20-30 hours a week, nothing that would fulfil me just study.  The planning aspect for the future, was far to strong- it was unbalanced. It overwhelmed me from actually living my life and “doing the thing”. I was always doing things that were going to have a future benefit but even as I achieved things it was “what can I do now to make sure this investment of suffering was worthwhile. 

That’s the 3 of Wands, it’s when your planning is done and is enough, and you have this future ahead of you.  It is based and built on your past but it is now tangible, it’s going to happen.  I was in a great relationship, that died a bit.  I am ready to be insecure now. That was safe, half way through my degree, in a stressful job, in a relationship that was great but had no future. We’d done it, got there. It is that pivot, that transition away – I quit the job, I’m graduating uni this year, and I am moving countries next year to Japan, which has been brewing for 6/7 years and single for the first time as an adult.  I want to be open and available to things and learning about myself. 

Now I’m ready to end things that are “just safe”.  Enjoy my live, learn from things, take chances, and recognise the value in things that aren’t measurable in a test.
In my hair are Japanese hair sticks or Kanzashi. These three are wooden ones that are more similar to what my ancestors wore, three for the 3 of wands.

*Transcription from Audio interview

Jared also recorded a simplified version of this story in the Spanish & Japanese languages which I shall make available in video from when the Tarot deck is published. We shot this card, just before I left Australia to to move to Canada – my planning, visa applications and saving was all done, there was no more to do, and I was very much in the space of letting go planning, worrying and just doing the thing – taking off, travel, getting ready to move countries and start a new life!  It was just the message of being open, vulnerable and willing to just trust the process, the prior work and preparation would all come together.  Now publishing this 5 months later from Canada, I can say it did.  It was one of the hardest trust exercises I’ve had to go through, moving alone, and not really knowing anyone here that well – I am happy and haven’t looked back since.  In fact, I think this is a timely message for me to refresh and remember as I start moving towards planning and setting up what is next for me here in Canada.  Thank you Jared for sharing your story and taking risks, chances and I hope you’re having an amazing time now (in Japan!).


3 of Wands: Jared – Gay – He/Him

3 of Wands Queer Tarot Cards Queering the 3 of Wands

3 of Wands Queer Tarot Cards Queering the 3 of Wands

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