I choose the Queen of Cups. I’m very emotionally driven, and that’s kinda what the cups are all about. The Emotions, the love and the ripples of the water. The Queen of Cups is the pinnacle of honing in of that kind of energy which is something is something I strive for, being so emotionally sensitive. It’s dirty, it can be mirky water, it can be clean pristine water, waterfalls or the water that cuts through stone. I live in that kind of space in life, I know the darkness of it, and I know the light, and I’m a queen! 

I would tell my Youngers self that you may not know what’s going on and it might be very overwhelming. But there will be a time when you start to understand what you do and what you do well, in terms of being a Queen. Relaxing into that and not being stressed about how you are presented.  Even though I am pretty cis gendered I do like to gender-fuck – QUEEN.  Queer Tarot is very important, because right now with decks like the Waite- Smith deck, there is a “King – Queen – Knight and Page” which is very binary gender dominant.  For people that don’t identify in a binary, it can be harder to read or use tarot. For Queers into tarot or the mystic arts, they can use it, identify with it and create their story which is very essential.
When ever I pull out the Queen of Cups, in my deck, the Shadowscapes deck I see her walking on turtles, so her step is sure. So she always trusts where she’s going, even though the water is dark and mirky, and you can’t see the bottom, there might be currents – but she trusts where she’s going, because she owns all of it, all the emotions. 
* Transcription from Audio Interview
Flossy: At the Cloud Catcher witch camp, Matt and I were in the same path workshop and it was very special and sacred to be in a space that was safe to be vulnerable, safe to cry, safe to feel like we weren’t good enough, and have an amazing and powerful group of witches around us to build us back up, to walk along side us and help us find the strength within our selves to take those sure footed steps in the directions of our dreams.  To share what we loved to do, dreamed of doing and practice leading, guiding, and finding our voices to speak up and have our stories and emotions heard.
If there was one thing I took away from that experience is that we must trust the voice of our intuition.  Relaxing into the steadiness of our experiences that have made us who we are today – Queens. I was so excited to shoot Matt as the queen of cups, because that he carries himself with that gender bending confidence, fabulosity and queenishness in the most gorgeously queer way.  But to then share space and see that we can be both confident and sensitive in our emotional vulnerability and growth was so damn powerful.
I am grateful for all the love and acceptance I received at CloudCatcher.
I am glad and grateful that I trusted my intuition to apply, go into the unknown adventure, not knowing what to expect.
I am grateful that I got to witness, hold space and share my growth, my pain and anxieties and share that experience with Matt and the other wonderful humans I met at witch Camp.
Are you aware of your emotions, and the emotional energy that surrounds you?
How/where are you loved?
Are you trusting your intuition or your heart?
How can you hold space or witness the emotions, growth or pain of others around you?
What are your boundaries of self care that enable you to share your love?

Queen of Cups –  Matt – He/ They – Queer

Queering Tarot Cards The Queen of Cups Queer Tarot the Queen of Cups version 2

Queering Tarot Cards The Queen of Cups Queer Tarot the Queen of Cups version 2

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