Queer people, need to see themselves in things. They need to see themselves in books, they need to see themselves in film, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t see themselves in Tarot. Tarot is something should shape and evolve with society, I don’t believe it should be medieval.

I chose to shoot the Queen of Wands.  Part of why I chose to shoot the Queen of Wands is because I make wands, and I make staves. I made this (wand in the photo) – this is my very snakey staff. I’m going along and I’ll see a piece of wood, and it’ll say, “I’m a wand” or ” I’m a staff” and it becomes my task to transform it. If I tap that into the energy of what the Queen of Wands is, I see her as a creative fire. I’m an artist and I take people’s visions and I turn them into pieces.  Then this magical thing happens where a year later the thing will say “I belong to this person” and I go and bestow that on them which is nice.

I would tell my younger self – don’t be afraid of owning your own power. You might be a quiet person, you might be shy but your voice is still valid in the world. Later on you will come into that voice. All those moments when you were brewing that power and thinking about things, come into play and people will hear that voice and respect it.  The Queen of Wands – she’s sexy. She’s about fire, there’s a sexy, aliveness to her.  I’m a cat person, hopefully not a lonely cat person, but find that power, that spark that fires you up.

Reversed the Queen of Wands, is the challenge to do that, which I feel like I’ve had a lot of.  I’ve had a lot of bullying, I’ve had a lot of moments where people silenced. When I was young you couldn’t really speak about being gay, you couldn’t really be very open about it, so to me it’s wonderful that that is something that people can now feel claim and feel empowered about and fight back.  There is both aspects of this in me.

* Transcription from Audio Interview

Queen of Wands – Laura – Bi-sexual – She/ her

The Queen of Wands Queer Tarot Cards Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands Queer Tarot Cards Queen of Wands

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