The Six of Pentacles

Queer tarot is important because it gives people with a sense of weird something to connect to. Weird is wonderful, weird is free, and being unforgivingly the most authentic version of yourself you could possibly be. To find other weird community members is like your species of unicorn. I believe I fit in in the LGBTQIA-W – being W is for Witch or Weird. I feel so connected to finding the spectrum outside of the norm. There is something so empowering about that – outside of the norm there is still community and acceptance.
I chose the six of Pentacles because it is all about using your strengths knowledge and love to help other people. I feel very strongly about helping others in my soul in my community, and even outside of my community. Sometimes sharing can use up all your energy. When you care for others, you can sometimes forget about your own self care. It’s so important to remember.
I’d tell my younger self to keep doing what you’re doing but take more time for self care. Some people get lost, but being able to find your space and share knowledge in a balanced way can help others along their journey. Being able to share a rounded knowledge, and find the balance between helping others and helping self. Life is about sharing your experiences, and sharing your love, but it is most important to share those things with Self.

The six of Pentacles.

Be with Yourself, in full presence.

*Transcription of Audio interview

This card is pretty special… When I went to Cloud Catcher Witch Camp in Brisbane/Gold Coast area, I went on a wing, a prayer and a whole heap of trust. Pippa was an incredible part of making my trip as wonderful as it was. Picking me up from the Gold Coast and driving u0 to the misty hills together of awkward getting to know you laughs… I really appreciated ‘knowing’ someone before I got to a camp of almost 100 wonderfully new and interesting humans.

This card was shot after Cloud Catcher Witch Camp when we did a little mini post camp decompression and visited Crystal Castle (I think that’s what it’s called) a place full of magick and pretty stones – some happier than others. We found a little foresty section and created this gorgeously daring card while talking much about community, witches and the Queer community and interpretation and identifications that the semantics included in Queerness. Thank you Pippa ♡

6 of Pentacles – Pippa – She/her -Bi/Witch

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