Originally published: Jul 13, 2017 
The Fool is very special to me, and integral to all Major Arcana too. As the 0 the first card in the set, The Fool is truely the beginning, the pure, naive and purest version of yourself. With an innocence and open mind it pushes forward. Letting go of hurt and pushing forward, I try to come back to this place, embrace my inner child, without assumptions being open to new adventures.

Here is the transcription from my Interview with Frank – Enjoy.

I choose the Fool, some times I call the joker.  The fool to me is so wise and child like, holding that wisdom lightly.  I choose the fool because I most resonate with this card out of the whole deck. It’s the most non gendered, non binary card, and I identify as A-gender, non binary, or post gender as I call it, and so for me, not so much standing in a gendered archetype but more about the story behind the Fool. 
Journeying, with an undertow of wisdom that carries you but with a light openness in your stride. I feel like I’ve had a very big life, learned a lot of different things, and seen a lot of different things, but there was a point where I realised that the past doesn’t dictate the future and all wisdom and lesson I have learned may play some roll, but to go forward with an open heart and a fresh or young mind. As individual as the message might be, to always find the joy in your lessons, and have fun while you’re learning them, its no fun if you’re too serious.  
I love the idea of representing our queer peers, and all different ways of being.  I think it speaks volumes in doing a reading, because you’re resonating with those cards and you’re resonating with the people you see, and we all need support in our Queerness.

19. The Fool – Frank

The Fool Queer Tarot Card

The Fool Queer Tarot Card

Each card will be accompanied by a short clip of the model sharing their story and their connection with the card.

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