I feel like we need Queer everything and since I think Tarot is something that a lot of Queer people find resonates with them, so it’s natural to want one, and use it in quite a subversive way. It makes a lot of sense for queers to make one ‘for themselves’ rather than use use on that may not relate to them. I think being part of this deck is empowering and a nice way of connecting in with each other and ourselves.

I chose the 2 of Swords, primarily because it is a card of decision making and conflict, neither of which are things I am good at, but like most people I have a lot of experience with. It kind of implies that in every decision you need to make one of two choices. I’ve always gotten really pissed off with the idea that there’s only a certain number of choices we can make or options that we have. It’s not part of being indecisive, even tho I am indecisive, making a decision that is very binary to the exclusion of something else.  The idea that making a decision necessitates leaving behind other things rather than being able to embody several things and follow lots of different paths. 

Growing up feeling like at 11 years old, I don’t know if I’m gay, I don’t know if I’m straight, and not until I was a teenager hearing words like ‘bi-sexual’ or ‘pansexual’, then in Uni hearing words like ‘Queer’ as a self descriptor. That excites me, it’s not just “this or that”. Every one and every decision can be more than this or that / nothing else.  We are are able to have multi faced lives and multiplicitous personalities and make don’t necessarily exclude other options. You can back track and try something else. A decision doesn’t have to be an end point, it can be a starting point.

The most important thing that I would want little me to know, is that conflict isn’t necessarily a negative thing. It is really scary when it’s happening, but when you do get through something really terrible, you come out really stronger and it kind of makes you who you are. Even if the conflict itself is terrifying – the person that you are when you come out of it is so powerful. Don’t be intimidated by the idea that when making decisions about ourselves or our lives that it’s one thing or another – there are infinite options, there are infinite paths you can take.  It can feel like you have to choose between “things” when you are young, especially if you are not sure who “you” are yet. Don’t buy into the bullshit that there’s only a certain number of options. Make your own options – do what ever you want to do!!!

*Transcription from Audio Interview

2 of Swords -Trelawney – Queer / Bisexual / Fluid Sexuality – She / Her

Queering the 2 of Swords Queer Tarot Cards

Queering the 2 of Swords Queer Tarot Cards

This was filmed / photographed in Port Melbourne on a gorgeous day with apocalyptic wind that really resonated with the feisty moodiness of this card with sea gulls performing some kind of ritual in the background. The wind was whipping the sand up a like sandblasting exfoliation, and all our bags nearly got floated away with the incoming tide – still I LOVED shooting this card and am so glad to bring this to you when I am going through a period in life where I’ve had so many choices to make and really chosen myself to make up another alternative option and do what really pleases and excites my spirit.  I’m so thankful we got to create this at the beautiful Melbourne beaches before I moved to Canada.

xxxx Thank you Trelawney

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