Tarot lore is such an amazing mythical journey. My journey through Queerness and magick has been filled with so much mystery, and having something that culminates both of those into a magickal tool something that needs to be out there. 

I choose the King of Cups, because lately it’s been really what really fills my cup, and makes me feel present.  I always find the King is jovial, jolly and happy, and that’s something I am reconnecting to and filling my cup with, making it overflow. I would tell younger self that “Your cup has always been full an overflowing.  Laugh more, have more fun, stress less, breathe more, go outside more, and love yourself more.”  You have everything you need, and your truth is filled there. Drink deep, know yourself in all your parts, be the cup you need to be for yourself and the world around you.

Take stock of what you have, don’t over exert  yourself, know that sometimes sorry also can fill the cup.  That it is also an emotion that we need to know and acknowledge and be present in.  But there is also joy in that, and learning to find joy in that is a great tool.  Coming out, my cup was so full of fear, that should I tell anyone, it was a fragile thing, should I break it I would loose everything. Once I let go of the flood gates and let go of it all, everything was fine. There was happiness and joy and all that sorrow and sadness washed away.

Stop thinking, follow your heart, know that even tho it might seem there is not much support around you, there is an entire community out there waiting for you to come to them, and they’ll help you fill your cup. Be daring , be bold, do many readings and always challenge answers.  What are the true questions you need to be asking?*

* Transcription from Audio Interview

The Majesty of Cups – Brendan, They/Them/Theirs, Queer

Queering Tarot Card Majesty of Cups Queer Tarot the Majesty of Cups Card

Queering Tarot Card Majesty of Cups Queer Tarot the Majesty of Cups Card


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