I think we need a Queer Tarot deck because representation is always important and we Queers are Witches, nerds and we read the Tarot too. We want our lives, love, heartbreaks and desires to be represented in the Tarot.  I’m a lesbian woman, a tarot reader and a witch. I think as a feminine presenting woman, my queerness isn’t always recognised even with queer circles, unless I’m holding hands with somebody or have a big rainbow sticker on me. I feel like i’m not necessarily visible in queer spaces, and I think being out there and part of a queer tarot deck, showing this what a lesbian looks like.  It all goes to showing the full spectrum of what our community can be, and I’m just one little part of that.

I have chosen the 2 of Wands. For me the 2 of Wands is about knowing your self worth and realising your choice of direction is your own. In other representations of the card I see usually a young man looking out a the world, and he’s free to set his path. For me I think a lot of the work I’ve been doing is unravelling the stories that have been written for me and trying to find the stories that I want to write.

I was raised in a catholic family, in a catholic school, went to church every week, I’ve been a victim of sexual assault, I live with a disability and I’m a carer, and I find there have been a lot of stories and expectations about what my life would look like or should look like.  I’ve come up against resistance for not necessarily playing that game.  I’m currently planning my wedding at the end of this year, now that I am allowed to get married in Australia.  I’m finding resistance in our family for not wanting our fathers to walk us down the isle, and still finding weather or not people use the same language, there is still pressure to participate in traditions and roles that are patriarchal. I didn’t expect to find that resistance, and I think we are still unravelling and picking apart some of those stories and traditions, and I want to be part of reshaping.

I think my younger self knew these lessons, and I think I learned it and unlearned it some where along the way.  My younger self was a bit of the wild child who spoke to fairies and spoke to trees, and somewhere along the way that got lost within the subtle and overt pressures that shape us. I think it is a coming back and finding that innocence again really.  You are worthy, you are loved. Tell your story, be who you are, and really let that shine, it sounds cliche but it is so true because we need to hear all those stories.*

* Transcription from Audio Interview

2 of Wands – Moira, She/ Her,  Lesbian

Queering Tarot Cards The 2 of Wands Queer Tarot the 2 of Wands

Queering Tarot Cards The 2 of Wands Queer Tarot the 2 of Wands

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