Queerness specifically referencing tarot, however I think Queerness in everything is important. Queerness weather people want to admit it or not, is in everything, and is something to be proud of and something to all “to be”. Tarot, Divination, or finding answers, finding yourself is quite an important process in every queer person.

I chose the 2 of cups. Cups represent the emotional side of things. I’m a very emotional person, and 2 representing, equality, love, respect, sharing, harmony and connection. Connection is very important, and there is connection in everything, it’s just a matter of weather we look for and establish it. Through connecting, beautiful things happen. Spirit is in everything, and connection can be found in everything.

Im a very passionate person. I find it important to connect on that deeper level. I find it important to help people feel beauty, help people feel kindness, help people feel calm and loved – and I’m able to do that through connection. I am an empath, so I connect with people and their feelings. I connect with people on a level the may not be ready or willing to show or publicly express. Sometimes it freaks people out, cos they aren’t ready for it, so it’s really important that it’s a consensual thing.

My abilities lie in energy sharing. I connect with people and share my energy. I connect with the land and with myself to self care. Self centring and self grounding. Don’t be scared of connection and being vulnerable, of willingly giving that love. Love is one of the most important connection. I would tell my youngerslf to be kind, and just trust in the journey.*

*Transcription of Audio Interview

This is the second of 6 Cards that were created while I was at Cloud Catcher Witch camp. A whirlwind few weeks, adventure for me into the unknown, and feeling so loved, welcomed and accepted by you all blew my mind.  It was an honour to receive a scholarship to attend this event. Meeting Madi and all the other wonderful humans with such welcoming, big hearts has touched me forever. Thank you for sharing you story and vulnerability.

2 of Cups – Madi – She / Her/ They

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