I chose the Tower, and in some Deck’s it is called The Storm. The Tower card is about rebirth and destroying things and I think thats that what I find myself constantly doing. Throwing things out and starting again. 

I work writing theatre, and I’ve only just learned that as artist the best thing for your self is to say “I’ve created rubbish I’m going to start again”. It’s easy to be an ego maniac and think “I’ve just created a master piece”. It’s knowing when you actually have created a master piece and it is actually rubbish.

I do a lot of disability activism. The running joke I have with my friends is “What’s needed is the revolution”. To get rid of old structures and ways of doing things and start again. Dragons are not necessarily tarot related, but I just love them. I imagine it like the towers in medieval times are things that get blown to bits and then rebuilt. “Those who refuse to listen to dragons are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past”.   Baby Queer Jess, knew she was queer, and although no one was judgemental about it, there was no real place to express that with other queers. I think this is still a bit of a thing because allot of queer events or hangouts are not wheelchair friendly.  I would say to my younger self – to make your own spaces. It’s really important, and to not be afraid to ask out people.

The advantage Queer community has over the disability community, is you’ve been doing it a lot longer and allot harder. I there is allot more “No, this is how the revolution is won” in the Queer community, and I think that’s a real strength. We can learn from each other. 

*Transcription from audio interview.

At this point the wind really picked up and ginormously large rain drops pelted down for about 30-40 minutes. It was quite ironic, and hilarious actually.

Queering The Tower v2 Queer Tarot Cards

Queering The Tower v2 Queer Tarot Cards

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