chose the Lovers because it represents unity more specifically the unity between my masculine and feminine self. When I was younger I used to shun the feminine side, I used to think that is not what would help me. It took meeting allot of people that showed me there’s no shame, and no need to do that. Taking on drag is something that allowed me to express my femininity and love who I am.

Don’t hate yourself or bow to be accepted, because being who you are you will be be accepted by those who actually love you, rather than those you think will love you. I still look in the mirror and have moments. I just keep reminding myself you do this because you love it, you love yourself. Actually realising there are so many people out there who are so shallow, and I don’t need the negativity of that.  I still look in the mirror and have moments. I shun the question “Oh why do you like to put make up on?”  – “Cos I fucking do – that’s why”.  

You look inside, and there is someone in there for you. It’s YOU.  I learned if I can’t love myself and if I can’t just sit and be myself – That’s when I worry more. It’s more than being with someone, it’s loving yourself and being okay with being you. Even if it means running around with 5 layers of makeup and 10 pairs of lashes on.

* Transcription from Audio Interview

6. The Lovers – Kian Jin as Miss Jin Please

The Lovers 2 Queering the Lovers

The Lovers 2 Queering the Lovers

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