Amy: I think a Queer Tarot Deck is important because so many of the traditional meanings of tarot don’t work well for our community. For me personally Tarot has been a really wonderful way of finding some light in moments where I’ve perhaps been a little lost. To have meanings that don’t resonate is just horrendous, there’s nothing like having a reading where someone pulls out a cards and says “This means you’ll meet a nice man”. And I’m like “Mmmmm probably not actually!”

In regards to this card, it has some quite difficult traditional meanings that challenge lots of people. I think it’s nice to add to the story in a way that means it doesn’t have as many negative connotations for the queer community.

We’ve chosen not to call this card the Emperor. One of the reasons this card resonated with me and why I really wanted to shoot this card with you, is it allowed us to play with a part of our friendship that I really value, that’s really fun, and kinky, very sexy and wonderful. Calling it the Navigator allows us to re-write or add to the card a story about boundaries and structure that you give your self to help yourself. As opposed to being a card about structure that is put on you, that you don’t have a choice about.

Flossy:  When I first came a cross this card in my Tarot readings it was a card I resisted. Tania, from the House of Tarot, my lovely dear friend who has mentored me in tarot and taught me so much. She said “What is it about this card that you resist and where is that thing you resist – in yourself. How can you find balance or peace with it. Examine that quality within yourself.  To me it means a lot of things I hate, so where do I find arrogance in myself, where do I find rules in myself. Am I resisting them and why? How do I become more arrogant if I need to be, or alternately “Find my Voice” if I need to re-frame it.

We are also both flagging with the Queer Hanky Code. The theme for our shoot is a little sub / domme power play, because the traditional Emperor card interpretation is allot about rules and authority. In the kink world, especially the queer kink world, there is allot of consent involved with any kind of play.  So a person who is the sub or bottom, may actually have more power and control of the situation than the person who is “topping” or delivering what ever the play is.

Amy: One of the things that really appealed to me about this card, is the boundaries we create, and the respect for boundaries. In a kink sense that can be having conversations about boundaries or hard limits, and being clear about them. For me personally there is such a relief in that.*

Transcription from the audio interview*

Queer Tarot Queer The Navigator Emperor Tarot Cards

Queer Tarot Queer The Navigator Emperor Tarot Cards

Queer Tarot Queer The Navigator Emperor Tarot Cards

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