Let me tell you about where I’d like to live It’s a poem all about where I’d like to live.

I’d like to live in a long street, a spring,
a butchers shop, cats with wings, lizards whispering, babies sing.
Old women speak at each dawns news
then drift with the pebbles sipping their wine,
fences painted juicy with wild climbing vines.
The roads all beyond painted pink,
and my house behind scattered trees, a shoal of the gals.
Ohhh and I like a bridge with now.

I’m just happy to see so wonderful people out there, fighting back for the environment. It’s a nice thing to see as one is coming to “That” part of their life. To think it is the world still a beautiful place? Is it going to stay this way? She’s pretty special, but in the same token there is lots of work to do to keep this wonderful planet the way it is. This card is all about the completion of cycles, “I wonder which chapter I am in now”.

Transcription from Audio Interview*

Big thank you to Amy for shooting this with me on the 31st of December 2017 at Vinegar Hill LGBTQIA+ Camp in New Zealand.  She showed me around her wonderful little house truck and stories of how she has spent her life building them and living on the road.  She wanted to share with me a poem about “Home” and it was beautifully and wonderfully overwhelming.  What is home? And how do we define it.  This interview started me thinking about the end, beginning and completion of cycles, travel and the passing of time, and truely came into my life right at the time I was thinking of going on the road too and moving overseas to Canada. I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned through these Queer Tarot Cards.

22. Amy – Transwoman – She/Her

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Queering The World v2 Queer Tarot Cards

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