I chose the High Priestess because I was born Intersex. In ancient cultural societies, the High Priestess was usually Intersex. It resonates with me because people come to me for advice, and they trust in me. Being born intersex it is in me, like a spiritual presence in my life and around me. To my younger self, I’d say, “No regrets”.  I’d still do the same things I did as a young person.  I would tell them, “Go with your instinct, believe in yourself, and never let other people put you down. The moment you let other people put you down, you’re only failing yourself not everyone else. I’d say to a young intersex person, “If someone does put you down, just walk away, there’s no need to fight. If you want to educate, you can just change the understanding of one person, that is better than a thousand or a million people in the world.” The Hight Priestess for me is one of balance as well as power and trust, and that’s important in society.  Being Wiccan myself, practicing witchcraft, those things are important to me. Open your eyes, open your minds to all sorts of possibilities in life. I’m still rediscovering myself right now, and for those who are intersex out there, never give up on your identity, be who you are, and never give up. Don’t be something that you’re not.

A Queer Tarot deck is important, because it gives meaning to the queer community. It’s important that Queer Tarot cards are for queer people. To be given this experience, to be part of this journey, which will in time expand is important. I think in the future it will only develop into something bigger.*

Transcription from Audio Interview*

This was a beautiful shoot at one my favourite waterfalls in Victoria, Australia, Olinda Falls.  Thank you so much to Dakota for coming on this adventure with me and doing their first erotic / nude / semi-nude shoot with me. This took allot of courage and openness on your part. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it was a fun shoot.

2. The High Priestess – Dakota – X – Intersex

Queer Tarot Cards The High Priestess 2 the Oracle

Queer Tarot Cards The High Priestess 2 the Oracle

Queer Tarot Queer The Navigator Emperor Tarot Cards

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