The Queen of Cups has been my signifier tarot card, many years ago and re-reading it I think it still holds. I am a mother, I tend to mother people, don’t I? – family dinners and things. It’s about intuition, which is a part of me that I really need to reconnect with.  It is creative and nurturing, full of nature and WINE *points to cup* or Coffee as well actually. It’s tricky to try and encapsulate that when you have a camera staring at you. I would want younger Robyn to believe in her self more and follow her gut (intuition) more than she did, to actually make changes earlier. Changes like coming out, moving my life, to come into the queer community and find my real place. 

I bake, my creativity is currently being channeled through baking, and teaching apprentices about baking. I’ve also made this fabulous granny rug out or squares I’ve crocheted, and I think I’ll start painting again when I get space. Tarot came into my life on the Murray River, my friend Anne who I’ve known for 27 years, showed me her pack and did a reading for me – told me some things and all those things came to pass. I got my own pack and used it to help me get through the changes in my life that I needed to make, and being a wonderfully obsessive personality I now have about 6 packs. I’ve not done any readings for anyone else because of my lack of confidence, but you know that’s what the Queen of cups is all about that trusting your gut, your intuition.  It’s funny that I’m hopeless in front of a camera but yet I can stand up in a room full of people and train, or rant and rave if I need to.

Open yourself up to some of the elders. I really worry about the disconnect between our generations. As a community we’re fractured. I struggle, allot of the elders say, “you don’t know what we fought for, what we went through” – and neither do I. I consider myself to be a young queer because I spent a large part of my life in the heteronormative world.  There is so much to give from both sides, the baby queers have so much energy, power and confidence in themselves (on the surface, not necessarily underneath).  I think there needs to be more connection between the generations for all of us. Allot of the queer community my son hangs out with are political activists, and they’ve been kicked out of their families, so need to come into other queer families. A queer tarot deck is so important because “Thems look like us!”.

Transcription from Audio Interview

Thank you so much to one of my dear friends Robyn for braving her camera nerves and shooting this with me.  Robyn was that person for me that I looked up to when I came out, one of the older people in the Queer community I could talk to when I couldn’t talk to may family at all because their religious beliefs meant my sexuality wasn’t something I could discuss.  I really appreciated having down to earth, wise and cheeky mother figure when I truely felt alone, who inspired me to be myself, follow my creative path and who I watched being such a wonderful, nurturing mentor to all the younger queers in the group, myself included. We shot this in early Jan 2018 when I went back home to New Zealand for NYE reunion with her and some of my other close and dear friends. <3

Queen of Cups – Robyn

Queen of Cups Queer Tarot Cards Queen of Cups Water

Queen of Cups Queer Tarot Cards Queen of Cups Water

It has been interesting following shooting this card that the discussion of gendered Pip or Court cards has come up.  I have chosen to name the card with a name that the person in the card most resonates.  In this case Robyn is definitely a Queen.  I think in some ways the word Queen has been claimed and the meaning slightly altered by the Queer community.  I love that about this card, and she is most definitely a glamorous, wine touting Queen complete with fabulously op-shopped silver goblet we found specifically for this shoot! Love you Robyn. xx

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