I’ve been dealing with a very tough situation, and in light of all the #metoo and people starting to come forward about harassers and abusers. I’ve been thinking allot about about holding people accountable, passing judgement too early.  How do you do “judgement when you are one person”.  With “#MeToo” people are starting to be a little more upfront with their communities, and how to keep themselves safe as a community.  In the Collective Tarot (out of print) the card for Judgement is called “Liberation”.  It can be liberating because you are creating space for people to find freedom, to be more themselves, where they may have felt too scared to before. Or creating space for freedom from the people that were making them unsafe and shackled all this while.

Liberation to me means, being free to embody myself with in my community.  I’ve been in communities before where I felt trapped by the expectation the community had of me that weren’t necessarily aligned with who I was or what my values are. A community that accepts Liberation is one that accepts what people come in with and provide freedom for that community to support to one another, not just to survive but to thrive and be fulfilled. The community I end up in is one filled up with people who are in the margins or in between: In the margins of gender and sexuality, fellow immigrants and international students, or people of colour, or people from marginalised races. 

I feel like any representation of queer people, and queer people who are marginalised is important. I’ve watched over the last few years this major resurgence of magick and witchcraft especially among queer people who are finding it a way to take control, ownership and power over ourselves back, in a world that seeks to deny that because of our identity or marginalisation. In tarot decks, especially the Rider-Waite deck (even tho it was designed by a queer woman of colour, Pamela Coleman-Smith) it is still the same white bodies, and the same heteronormative ideas around it. Tarot cards represent concepts, not a specific person, and these concepts can be embodied by anyone. So why not have them be embodied by Queer people, and adding their queer experiences to add more layers of metaphors and meaning to each concept portrayed in the cards.*

*Transcription from Audio Interview

This was an amazing card to shoot, and although this was created on a busy street corner in Collingwood, Tiara didn’t let staring passers by put them off talking passionately about this card and the concepts and personal stories that resonated with this card.  We had to shoot really quickly to capture the green smoke flares before they burnt out but I love the effect and power it gives this photo, grounded in a giant rainbow painted on the sidewalk. This is a card that means allot to me to have in this deck and a very important message to give voice to.  Thank you again Creatrix Tiara.

20. Judgement / Liberation  -Creatrix Tiara

Queer Tarot Judgement: Liberation v2 Queer Tarot cards

Queer Tarot Judgement: Liberation v2 Queer Tarot cards


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