I chose the Magician because I think we all have our magical side and it’s not about making things disappear. It’s about making your inner self appear for the rest of the world and letting your light shine, because without each and every one of us, there is something missing from existence.

Doesn’t matter where you are, home is where you want it to be. Whether you’re roaming or in one place for a certain amount of time and people say to you – Where are you from? Where’s your home?  Home’s right here. Just exist. Find and make peace with yourself and you’ll find your inner Magician.

*Transcription from Audio Interview

I spent NYE at an amazing camp called Vinegar Hill where Bron and I had met 8 years earlier.  Going back there to hang out, camp, celebrate with a family/ community of queers was the most amazing thing.  This card was shot in the reserve up in the trees, the natural habitat of this bush hippie pirate creature. A self proclaimed free spirit, and pirate captain, Bron is currently building her home in a beautiful Bedford house truck.

  1. The Magician – Bron – She/her – Queer Pirate
Queering The Magician Queer Tarot Cards

Queering The Magician Queer Tarot Cards

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