I chose the Devil, because it represents my wild self, my world, my wilderness, my primal instinctive nature that knows no limitations no restrictions. I picked it to celebrate myself, to reclaim my physicality as something sacred. To enjoy my existence here in this world and all that it has to offer. The devil is the great trickster who poses many tests and challenges and rewards as you pass each test or gate. I see the Devil as something lusty, animalistic, I align the energies of the Devil more with Pan, the pagan horned god of the forest.  The protector and guardian of the faerie folk, that was glorified well before christianity demonised him and turned him into a scapegoat..  I went on a vision quest involving my spirit animals.

felt something trying to claw it’s way out of my chest and what I met was met myself as a wolf. The shadow, the inner child, everything repressed in me in a cage within my subconscious. It’s your inner world trying get your attention and have a conversation.  Indulge in the body and to do things that celebrate the body to get grounded. Viscerally feel the intensity of the shadow that moves through you & make friends with it.*

* Transcription from Audio interview

This beautiful card was shot in New Zealand, in Wellington up in the bush, and as part of the shoot we created a ritual celebration to celebrate the Devilishness in us.  I will never forget this experience of creating this Tarot card with Raven.  From a magickal trip, to magickal connection and intimacy, this card means allot to me to be included as part of the Queer Tarot Deck. I can’t wait to put together the full video of this interview and the ritual as it is amazing and Raven has so much insight to share about their connection with a Queer’d version of the Devil Tarot Card.

15. The Devil – Raven

Queering the Devil tarot Card- Queer Tarot Card

Just because a card has been shot, does not mean you cannot choose it.  I plan on shooting many of the key Major Arcana cards. If you resonate or connect with a particular card, then I would love to shoot it with you. The final deck may contain multiples of some cards to ensure diverse story telling and inclusion of as broad a spectrum of the Queer community as possible.

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