Every time I did my own reading I’d ask the cards “Who am I going to be after this, who am I going to be in the process?”  The Star and the World cards would come up. To me the World represents the Fool at the end of the journey.  In the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck, it’s funny because the Fool begins the journey as the man, and ends the journey as the World the woman. That really resonated with me.  I’ve come to a place where I can be vulnerable with myself and other people – I don’t have anything to hide any more. Ever since I was a child, I’d felt like a woman, and never really had the courage to step outside of my own skin, my comfort zone and be authentically myself. I don’t feel any shame, I don’t feel any guilt for what I’ve had to do to get here.  To me the World speaks of authenticity, to be vulnerable, to not be afraid, to be naked like she is in the Rider Waite tarot. Not to be ashamed of my own body. 

To my younger self I would say, “Don’t be afraid, fear not, you’re going to go through hell. But you have an inner strength, and inner femininity that keeps you going. That dream of womanhood.”  Sometimes womanhood isn’t what you’re born with, it’s something that you earn, you have to work to.  The World as a card of vulnerability, openness and nudity, and freedom of expression. I’d say “You have so much traveling to do, so much adapting to do, you have so much to work for.  To unveil yourself and show the world your true colours”. – Transcription from audio interview.

Thanks so much to the beautiful Myra for shooting this with me and sharing your story.

22. The World – Myra

The World Queering the World Queer Tarot Cards

The World Queering the World Queer Tarot Cards

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