I think Queer Tarot is important because we don’t see Queer people represented much, and to have Tarot in a way we can connect with it is interesting, and I like the idea that this [Tarot Deck] is profiling real life people – who are we and what do we have to say.  I chose Justice / Intersection, because I am a Queer disabled person and I think about intersectionality and justice.

Allot of my work in LGBTIQA disability rights is at the intersections of those two things, seeking a more just world, so it felt like the card for me. [To my younger self] I would say: “You will get proud, that you will love those parts of yourself, that you think you could ever feel proud of, or that someone would ever love. You will be surrounded by and amazing community, have a beautiful partner and be really valued for all that you are.” 

I never really heard anyone saying that to me as a young queer disabled person. I hope my voice can cut through all the negative messages that someone might be hearing about who they are.  You can get proud, and you’re not the one who made you feel ashamed. “You get proud by practicing” – Is a title of a poem by LauraHershey, and for anyone who has been marginalised, it takes practice to get proud. – Audio Transcription from interview.

Shooting this, and hearing Jax share her story, brought me to tears. I can’t wait to share the full interview with you that goes along with this photo.

6. Intersection – Jax

Justice Intersection Queering the Justice Card Queer Tarot cards

Justice Intersection Queering the Justice Card Queer Tarot cards

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