I chose the Wheel of Fortune card, because I am of Australian Aboriginal and Romani decent and the Wheel is particularly significant to Romani people, to the point where it is in the centre of our flag. The wheel informs the whole philosophy of the Romani people, everything is about the cycle of life and the seasons.  We have to know the earth really well.  When you have experienced so much discrimination through history, it is really important to recognise the cycles you go through.  When you are going through the bad times, that they will keep rolling and and things will keep changing.

The Romani flag and the Aboriginal flag have very similar iconography.  They’re both cultures that rely on awareness of the seasons. I feel that in white Australian society, there is allot of people who don’t have enough context to recognise the political cycles that the world goes through. I wish as a teenager, I could have known how significant my heritage was. The courage to recognise what is inside me as a teenager would have been something else. I make sense now, I never made sense before. It’s the most affirming an enriching think I have ever realised.

It’s really important to keep things in perspective. My life is statistically irrelevant in the scheme of things.  I wouldn’t register on a statistical scale, and that’s actually kind of a relief.  I don’t have to try and make the grand gestures, I don’t have to destroy myself doing things I hate, because I think they are right.  Realise that you are but a tiny fragment of a really big thing and make your tiny fragment just a little bit better. Don’t get stuck on a specific that feels bad for you.

*Transcription from Audio interview.

Thank you so much Bek for sharing your story with me for this project. It was wonderful and heartwarming. Thank you  the owner of the cart wheel and to Giang for lending us the garage/barn thing to shoot in!

10. Fortuna – Beck

Queering the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Fortuna

Queering the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Fortuna

Reminder, if you also want to shoot YOUR perspective on a card that has been created you can! I will be producing a tarot deck with multiples of quite a few cards to share different stories and perspectives of our beautiful community.

Just because a card has been shot, does not mean we can’t create a second one.  If you resonate or connect with a particular card, then I would love to shoot it with you.  The final deck may contain multiples of some cards to ensure diverse story telling and inclusion of as broad a spectrum of the Queer community as possible

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