This beautiful and very powerful card was shot at the Melbourne Women’s Circus, huge gratitude and many thanks to them for allowing us to use the space for filming and creating this version of the Death Tarot card.

Transcription from Audio interview:

We live in a world that is very cis and heteronormative and extremely patriarchal, and those ideas seep into everything, including tarot decks.  The cards are very gender binary based, and very patriarchal in which cards are male and which are female/ masculine and feminine.  Like anything I think it’s important to untangle all of that stuff and queer, and change it, and decolonise it.

The card came up in my readings a lot in a period of my life, when I was dealing with past trauma.  It was really meaningful to me because it meant the dying off of the effect of the abuse on my life and from that growing a new type of life, a new self out of the period. And that for me is why the card is powerful and empowering as well because it reflects not the death of my earlier life. It’s the death of the effect of the abuse on my life. It does mean grief and loss, but it also means the power to come out of that grief and loss.  They are things I’ve had to let go of, not things I’ve wanted to hang on to, so in someways there is  a relief and that death, that loss. 

You will come to understand yourself as a really powerful human being, that you will develop a really happy and joyous life.  That you will develop a sense of your self, free of expectations of others around you, including those who don’t treat you well. You’ll come out of that and you’ll be surprised by who you really are!

13. Death – Polly

Reminder, if you also want to shoot YOUR perspective on a card that has been created you can! I will be producing a tarot deck with multiples of quite a few cards to share different stories and perspectives of our beautiful community.

Just because a card has been shot, does not mean we can’t create a second one.  If you resonate or connect with a particular card, then I would love to shoot it with you.  The final deck may contain multiples of some cards to ensure diverse story telling and inclusion of as broad a spectrum of the Queer community as possible

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