This card was shot up in the Dandenong ranges out of Melbourne, we trekked into the Sherbrook Forrest, clambered off the beaten trail, across fallen trees bridging the swampy creek, up past snake holes, wombat caves and funnel spider homes…  It was a journey getting there and it was a beautiful journey hearing Jessi talk about their journey with this card.

Transcription from Audio interview:

Regardless of spirituality or religion you may choose or choose not to follow there is an evident lack of queerness in every faith out there. So anything that can introduce a queer perspective on things is a welcome change.  I resonate with the darker places of life, to me this one is all about limbo, trauma, and not being able to move past that trauma.

About three years ago now, I was viciously assaulted by three men.  Got told by the police the next day it was nothing but a “poofter bashing” and they weren’t going to bother pursuing it. I’ve lived and continue to live with the after affects of that event on my life. To me the Hanged Man teaches us that from that place you become more resilient, you move on, you become a stronger person because of it.  I think it is such a powerful, powerful card in the deck.

12. The Hanged Man – Jessi

The Hanged Man Queer Tarot Cards, Queering the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Queer Tarot Cards, Queering the Hanged Man

Reminder, if you also want to shoot YOUR perspective on a card that has been created you can! I will be producing a tarot deck with multiples of quite a few cards to share different stories and perspectives of our beautiful community.

Just because a card has been shot, does not mean we can’t create a second one.  If you resonate or connect with a particular card, then I would love to shoot it with you.  The final deck may contain multiples of some cards to ensure diverse story telling and inclusion of as broad a spectrum of the Queer community as possible

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