Love:  Even more important on a day like today.  The eve of the Australia Plebiscite postal vote announcement.  That fiercely Queer theme of loving and caring for self. It’s so important.

A practice of self-care can be absolutely radical in a world that is allowing others to decide weather we are valid, weather we/ our love has value or not. But too often, we don’t acknowledge that for some of us, self-care is not only radical – it’s actually tremendously difficult and even painful if our only coping strategy involves, quite literally, the opposite of self-care.

Let this be a reminder to be kind to ourselves, to be close and around out community when we need the support.  We need not do this alone. Love will conquer.

6. The Lovers: Callan – She/her

Queer Lovers Tarot Card Queer Love Tarot card

Queer Lovers Tarot Card Queer Love Tarot card


ACTS OF SELF-LOVE – Poem by Jak Soraka

In some countries, my existence is a crime
Otherness is a crime in systems of hate
I offer love towards the self as a disruption
A loving disruption
To the policing of the queer body
At the intersection where many marginalised identities meet

my, your, their, our visibility

Deep engaged self-love means acknowledging pain
Deciding to love onesself deeply
Deciding to love onesselves
Deciding to love oneselves in ways one is told not to

The parts that are hidden
The parts that I hid
The parts that don’t fit in to categories
The parts I abandoned
The parts that aren’t part of the constructs

Can reclamation of these parts mean a becoming? Something more complete?

I’m going to show you those parts
Here are the culminations of my death-defying acts
My experiments in how to love myself, queerly

Laid bare
In the hopes that if I show you mine, you’ll show me yours
My body as a site of protest
The gender-disrupter

(Queer) Self-love to disrupt (internalised) systems of hate

Stop questioning

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