Transcription from Audio interview:

“Why did you choose the Fool?”

I chose the Fool simply because I always get it whenever I get read. Because I think it’s really life- changing and significant to always have new beginnings, to start again, to be prepared for a fresh start, and to be welcoming of change, and accepting it. Accepting change.

I resonate with it because I guess I look back on my life, and I have had to just take that leap of faith. To not be scared by the change that is coming, to always be open to it. Because life is forever changing. I think especially being in the queer community, we are always fighting for change, we are always wanting bigger and better things. And so by just going: hey, here it is, let’s go! I think that’ll be a good way to look at life, and to just always be prepared for what is next to come. ‘Cause you never know – grass may be greener on the other side, or you might learn a lesson.

I picked this card because life is forever changing, and we need to accept the change as coming. And I’ve always had to do that. And I that think most people in their lives have had to do that. And that’s okay. It’s okay to start again, it’s okay to have new beginnings, and it’s okay to be scared. But to face the challenges head on in remarkable, and exciting.

I resonate with it because anytime that I get a reading, it always comes up. It always comes up simply because throughout my entire life, I’ve always had to step up, and to face changes head-on. And just be okay with it – be okay that things will never stay the same. I find it quite intriguing and quite remarkable that things will never stay the same, and that I can take that leap of faith.

“If you were talking to a baby queer who pulled the Fool in their tarot reading and it was you, what message would you want them to know?”

Take a chance. Have faith. And don’t be afraid. Because you are stronger than you think you are. You can always learn a lesson, and you can always grow. And you will never be in a state of: the same, for your entire life. Things will get better, things will go down. But  no, if you fall down, it’s the way that you pick yourself back up. Have faith.

I would tell them to face their challenges head on, to not be afraid of change, to take that step forward. Grass is always greener on the other side, unless it’s not. No I’m just kidding. The grass may always be greener on the other side, and things may be hard at times, but things will never stay the same. And it’s okay to start again, and to refresh. So I would just say keep going on that journey. Pick yourself up if you’ve fallen down. Just be you and continue to learn and grow for yourself.

“Why do you think a queer tarot deck is important?”

Why not, why not. It’s great because we are a rainbow family. And I think being in part of that rainbow family is – how do I phrase this – we are unique and special, and we need to have something that reflects that. Because we as well need to be guided, and to have a sort of safety net, and to be able to look within our own community and go: what do I need to work on, what is it that I’m struggling with in my past, in my present, in my future? So I think that just being able to resonate with not just the male and the female,
but to resonate with what we know as a community and as a family. Oh my god I love rainbow!

Thank you to Justin/ Kristen for sharing their cheeky, adventurous and fool-hardy take on the Fool card.  Living life in a way that takes each day as it comes, and letting go worry about things that we cannot change or effect.

The beautiful androgyny bought to this card being the Fool, the 0 of the Tarot deck is also wonderful, as embodied by a Justin as a Drag King. You can be who ever you want to be.  Thank you so much for sharing your story.

0. The Fool – Justin / Kristen

The Fool 2 Queer Tarot Card The Fool Queer Tarot

The Fool 2 Queer Tarot Card The Fool Queer Tarot

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