Introducing the Oracle otherwise formally known as the High Priestess!

Yesterday was a perfect crisp but warm-ish southern hemisphere winter’s day.  It’s almost spring, and you can feel the warmth returning in the sun, despite the crisp breeze! I headed to the beautiful Williamstown beach, (Victoria, Australia) to shoot our version of the High Priestess card.

The sun was setting, the day felt really in-tune with emotional intuition  of the moment.  I’m always blown away by the beauty and magick that come through in the cards as we create them.

Do you have feelings about a queer tarot deck and it’s importance or why you decided to be part of this?
As soon as I started reading some of the stuff you’d been doing online, and then spoke to you about it, there’s just something that just felt natural about it. I think queer people have this affinity with the supernatural. We feel things beyond our normal plane of existence. It’s just a natural merge for the two to come together, and to find something spiritual that isn’t your everyday spirituality. I think it’s something we need to embrace, because I know there’s many queers out there that just don’t find anything spiritual.
Because of what’s been going on with normal religions and things like that, I think having our own –  won’t say religion – our own spirituality is something we all need. Because it connects us, it helps us get through, it helps us deal with all those assholes out there – which there are plenty of – but also helps us connect with each other.

“What made you choose this particular card?”
Again just with the intuition, the empathy, the foresight, and in my opinion the card represents more empathy rather than the intuition. Because that intuition comes from how you feel because of the way others feel around you. And you’re able to determine what’s happened in their past, what’s happening with them now, and what’s going to happen with them in the future. That foresight is all from emotion. We just connect so well through emotion, so that’s what we have to do. We have to actually show those
emotions to each other. Don’t hide them. Don’t restrict yourself.

I spent most of my life restricting myself because of what I did for work, because of the people I was around – family that were pretty simple- minded. They don’t give a crap about most things, they just get on with life and that’s about it. But they never really embraced the whole emotional side of each other. I was always the one crying. I was always the one feeling down; feeling emotional about everything. For all of us to be able to open up a bit more about how we feel, I think everyone will benefit from that including our families, friends, our work colleagues. It’s just how we feel, and what we need to do.

I think I tend to always go with my gut feeling, especially with regards to other people. From a young age I’ve always been able to sort of mirror the feelings of those around me, without them even saying anything. I quite often feel so much that it actually starts to hurt. But with that also that means I’m able to help them when possible. I can try and turn those feelings around for them. I think generally it’s just being able to feel everything everyone feels. Completely empathic. I always think to myself that
sometimes it hurts me as well, because I know there’s people that actually use that to their favour rather
than mine.

What do you do to help or protect yourself with that?
I think generally I tend to seek out other people who don’t take advantage of it; who actually enjoy that energy. This card for me has always represented something. When it comes to film and things like that, anything to do with foresight and empathy and intuition and gut feelings – those are the types of movies that really get to me. Watching people who can just see things without even words being said. And I thought the whole blindfold thing would be perfect for this as well, because I don’t use what I see, I use
what I feel. So having my eyesight is not even something I need because I can feel everything around me without having to see it, or touch it.

If a baby queer pulled the moon card in their tarot reading, what would you want them to know? What
could you help guide them with if they pulled this for their interpretation?
I think they should always stick with those feelings, and not let those who use those feelings against them deter them. I’ve decided in my life that I’m never going to change the way I do things. I’m always going to be the empathic person who just helps people get through, or is able to use that energy for a positive reason. It’ll hurt a lot, and there’s going to be moments where it hurts so much that the feelings just take over, but you get through it. Like I said I find other people who enjoy that energy, who put that energy to good use, and I feel much better about having it. And that’s what I hope anyone who pulls this card, they feel like they can do as well. They’ll get through it. They’ll find those people who actually turn that energy inside yourself into something more positive.

2. The Oracle – Kelvin – He/him – Gay


Reminder, if you also want to shoot YOUR perspective on a card that has been created you can! I will be producing a tarot deck with multiples of quite a few cards to share different stories and perspectives of our beautiful community 

Just because a card has been shot, does not mean we can’t create a second one.  If you resonate or connect with a particular card, then I would love to shoot it with you.  The final deck may contain multiples of some cards to ensure diverse story telling and inclusion of as broad a spectrum of the Queer community as possible

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