I just caught myself thinking… “Man nothing has happened recently for the Queer Tarot Cards”, then thinking “Hang on!  That’s not true!”
I present…. Behind the scenes

So just incase you’re thinking that too, I thought I’d share what’s going on behind the scenes! Because not all work is super glam and produces a picture at the end of it.

  1. 36 Major Arcana Cards are completed
  2. 28 Minor Arcana cards have been shot / 12 more to edit (that’s allot of editing hours)
  3. Even with the Minor Arcana I’m not preventing double-ups because I believe if a person truly aligns with a particular card, then their story is important to share.  As a collection the stories will be more whole, and rounded being made up of multiple perspectives. I hope to also include more than one version of some cards in the printed deck as a more true representation of the community in the Queer Tarot Cards.
  4. The Facebook group has a large number of people interested in creating a card they’d like to shoot for the Queer Tarot Cards.
  5. Queer Tarot Cards have now been shot in FOUR different countries and in 8 different Cities – USA is the next up – December 2018.
  6. I’m currently editing another 12 Queer Tarot Cards that I’ve shot that haven’t yet been posted.
  7. I am beginning to edit all Video’s that go with the Queer Tarot Cards. I’m feeling a little daunted by this job, but I’ll get there.
  8. The Backside of the Queer Tarot cards is complete – with the QR code placement for video URLs.
  9. I’ve been investigating printing for the Queer Tarot Cards.  Cards often need a die-cut so they have very slightly rounded edges so they don’t dog ear.  Not to even think of what kind of stock to print them on.  I saw cards done in plastic just recently… I wonder if recycled plastic card printing would be possible for photos? So many questions.  Contact me know if you’re familiar with printing!
  10. I’ve created a Facebook group for anyone participating in the Queer Tarot Card project to be part of. Here there is behind the scenes pix (bloopers) and participant info / shoot organisation.  If the interest gets larger I might consider opening this up to the public to share the creative process.
  11. Funding.  Yup, gotta start thinking about this too.  I had originally planned to self fund the initial print run, and the photo exhibition, but this is no longer feasible I’ll be launching a Patreon account very soon.

There you go!  I’ve surprised myself too.  Ten things that have been happening that I’ve not really talked about because at the time they all didn’t really seem like a big deal.  I guess it’s the little things that keep a project as big as this moving and progressing.

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*UPDATED 17th Sep 2018

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