I dislike the way traditional tarot is heavily gendered: the ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ when they are specifically using it as shorthand for ‘passive’ and ‘active’ or ‘nurturing’ and ‘stern’ etc.

Just say what you mean instead of gendering it, please.  Nurturing / passive  ‘yin’ characteristics aren’t always in all feminine people.   Stern /active ‘yang’ characteristics aren’t always in all masculine people.  In making and planning the Queer Tarot Cards, I’ve tried to keep this in mind, and if a card represents strength and dominance that can indeed be represented by a femme person.  If a card represents healing, nurturing and softness, I want to capture this embodied in someone who doesn’t match the societal archetypes of these words.  Because that is beautiful.  That is Queer Tarot cards.

Feminine and masculine are societal archetypes, and our society has these collective ideas of what femininity and masculinity mean. They are not however universal archetypes that they apply to every single person’s psyche or gender identity. The thought that everyone is a percentage of feminine and a percentage of masculine- is not breaking the binary, it’s just stirring it up a little bit.

The world likes neat binaries, so if we talk about how we’re all mixtures of feminine and masculine, it’s not the immutable truth of the universe, it’s just a bit of our personal philosophy.  Let’s open our minds to how Tarot visualised and redefined as queer and to that effect embracing more of the non binary.

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